When your loved one’s birthday is coming up, you want to pick out the perfect present. It can’t be something he or she already has, but you also want to make sure it will be loved and used. If you can’t think of any new ideas, try one of these tips.

Buy Something They Won’t Think To Buy for Themselves

All people have things that they need but don’t purchase because they don’t think they’re worth the expense or they just never get around to buying them. Figure out what these things are for your loved ones. For your relatives who have permits to carry concealed weapons, purchase a CCW vest. Maybe your brother loves to go hiking and could use some new, thick hiking socks. Perhaps your sister is an avid runner, and she doesn’t have any good water bottles to take with her. Presents like these are often the most popular, because people need them but didn’t expect you to notice.

Give Experiences, Not Gifts

If you feel like your loved ones have too much stuff in their houses, give everyone experiences for their birthdays. Perhaps it’s something simple, such as you and a relative getting coffee and going shopping after work one day. You could plan an elaborate dawn-til-dusk celebration where you hit all of your loved one’s favorite spots. If you don’t live close to the recipient, send a gift card to his or her favorite restaurant, or purchase a yearly membership to a good organization nearby. For kids, zoos, science museums, and indoor pools are always good destinations for presents.

Don’t just buy your friends and family members gift cards to Amazon for their birthdays this year. Instead, use these tips to pick out unique gifts, whether or not they’re items that your relatives will treasure forever.