The main thing you are looking for in a festival is probably entertainment. However, since festivals often involve spending an entire day or more at the festival site, there are other amenities you may want to investigate.


Few things can ruin a festival experience like not enough restrooms, restrooms that are out of order or are not cleaned frequently or thoroughly enough. Some festivals offer standard, plastic portable restrooms that get the job done without any frills. Others offer more full-featured festival restroom trailers that have hot and cold running water and showers.


Parking is often scarce and there is no guarantee that there will be a parking space when you return from getting food if you leave the festival to eat. Most festivals offer some type of concession stands or food trucks. Check to see what the offerings are and when they are open. Some festivals allow outside food and drink and others do not. It is a good thing to check ahead of time to see what you can bring. Even if you are allowed to bring in your own food, there may be other restrictions, such as no glass containers or alcohol.


Whether you are looking for a souvenir or something to do to pass the time between acts, it is nice to have a selection of vendors on site. Many festivals list the vendors they expect to have on their websites.


Depending on what type of event it is, it may be normal for attendees to bring lawn chairs, or chairs may be restricted to a certain height or banned entirely. It is a good idea to check before you lug your lawn chair with you, only to have to take it back to the car.

You will enjoy your festival experience more if you know what to expect before you get there. Check for these and other amenities before you go.