We are surrounded by words and pictures. One of the reasons why we have so much access to these things is through printing. Mass production of products that have text and pictures on them comes from the help of printers. However, the world is rapidly transitioning to a digital environment. Some people think printing will soon go extinct, but here are three things that printing is used for all the time.

1. Books

Books are still getting printed daily. As more writers create content, the world will always have books to read and use. Although some people think paper books will become obsolete due to the popularity of ebooks, others believe that books will be around for centuries because of the experience it gives writers. There’s something different about holding the book in your hands, turning the pages and smelling the paper.

2. Packaging Materials

Digital shopping may be the fad right now, but what happens when you purchase an item? It comes in a box with the name “Amazon” or another company printed on the cardboard. Printers do a lot of mass-producing for commercial purposes. With the help of rollers, metal blades and other fancy printing parts, some printers can easily print out hundreds of packaging with the right text and logo on them.

3. Clothes and Accessories

T-shirts, shoes and other clothes use printing to enhance their look. Accessories such as phone cases and hats can be printed too to create an interesting design. In fact, most things around you have used printing in one or more stages of being created.

Printing has been around for centuries and will likely be around for more because of the great uses it has. Similarly, 3D printing has become extremely popular. While this creates a 3-dimensional image, it uses the same theory as 2-dimensional printing. Next time you read a paper book, take notice of the ink on the pages. Printing is very useful!