9 Tips To Eliminate Smoke Odors From The Home

Odors are a fact of life. Whether it’s from kids, pets, or dirty clothes, your home is bound to have some kind of stinky odors lingering around. You might not always be aware of them because you slowly get used to them over time. However, that doesn’t mean that other people don’t notice them.

If you find that you’re cleaning the carpets and keeping the animals washed, and you still have issues with the odors, you’re probably missing some key spots. Here are some things you can do to help finally eliminate odors from your home.

Clean Fabric Surfaces

All soft surfaces can easily hold onto odors. Because most furniture surfaces, whether it’s padded dining chairs Toronto ON or your couch, are made from synthetic fibers, they hold more smells in. Synthetic fibers trap moisture and bacteria and hang onto them, creating foul odors.

You can avoid letting these smells take over your house by regularly deep cleaning all fabric surfaces. When you clean them, make sure to get as much water out as possible. You don’t want extra water to stay on the furniture to create more odors.

Change the Air Filter

If you aren’t regularly changing your HVAC air filter, that could be part of the odor problem. The air from your house is circulated through the HVAC system, and odor-causing molecules can get trapped in the filter. When this happens, the clean air in your home passes through the smelly filter and makes the air smell. You can easily remedy this smell by changing your filter every month.

Cover the Hamper

Children that play sports are known to bring home some pretty pungent clothing. Regardless of where their bedrooms are, the smells can travel through the entire house, whether through natural drafts or the air circulating through the HVAC system. Because it’s not practical to do laundry every day, get a laundry hamper with a lid on it. The hamper will help contain the smells until laundry day and keep the rest of the house from smelling like sweat.