Granite and quartz are common in household design, and you’ll often find them used for high-quality countertops edgings, backsplashes, and more. Long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing if you take care of your granite and quartz fixtures and countertops they can last for many years. One key aspect of proper care is regular polishing. By keeping your natural stone surfaces (such as granite and quartz) polished you not only keep them looking nice you also prevent chances of damage and help them last longer.

Why Polishing is Important

In addition to its durability, one of the most desirable traits of granite and quartz fixtures is the shine it produces when the light hits it. Regular polishing with a high-quality cleaner allows your fixtures and countertops to retain their shine without dulling due to the passage of time. In addition, regular cleaning and polishing remove water spots and other spills that could lead to stains if left untreated. Without proper care your stone surfaces lose their shine, become dull, the colors fade, and stains can build up.

The Best Granite and Quartz Polishes

Your granite countertops and trim are some of the most used and essential parts of your kitchen. They are also a part of it that needs constant cleaning. Because of this need, there are several cleaning products to choose from in the marketplace. With such a wide selection it can take time to narrow it down to the best options. Here are four polishes worthy of your consideration.

  1. Rock Doctor Granite & Quartz Polish: Rock Doctor Granite & Quartz Polish takes the number one spot. A fast-drying polish you can also trust its non-abrasive formula to polish your home’s granite and quartz surfaces without doing any damage. Capable of working on both old and new stone surfaces it can help your home look better and your stone fixtures and countertops last longer.
  2. Weiman Granite Cleaner and Polish: an all-in-one solution Weiman Granite Cleaner and Polish are marketed to homeowners as a one-step product designed to clean your countertops, polish them, and seal them to protect them from hazards such as spills. While practical, you may not want to use an all-in-one solution preferring to use separate cleaners and polishes, luckily there are also products to fit that need.
  3. Goddards Granite & Marble Polish: produced by Northern Labs Goddard’s Granite & Marble Polish is designed to focus on bring out the natural colors of the stone surfaces in your home. An easy-to-use product, all it needs is a simple shake of the bottle, application to the surface that needs cleaning, and a thorough wiping. While chiefly a polish it does add a bit of sealing and cleaning to your home’s stone surfaces.
  4. Laticrete StoneTech Polish: formerly sold under the DuPont brand name, Laticrete StoneTech Polish is an effective polish for granite and other stone surfaces. Notably, it leaves and non-greasy finish and doesn’t leave streaks behind to keep your surfaces looking their best.

Final Thoughts

Your home is one of your most valuable investments and also the place where you spend a great deal of your time. You want your home to be a clean, relaxing, and comfortable place. In addition, you want it to last. Regular upkeep and maintenance are a common part of homeownership. However, upkeep is more than just large projects or those that only come around every 10 years (such as replacing a large appliance). The little things are of utmost importance and that includes regular countertop care. By buying a well-made natural stone polish you can keep your counters looking their best and protect them from damage.