Dabbing Strictly Solventless Marijuana Concentrates Carries the Hit Without  the Risk | Westword

Solventless is an extraction process. Instead of using solvents like butane or CO2, the process relies on low-pressure heat, moisture, and pressure to extract the cannabinoids from the flower. This maintains the terpene profile of the plant. It does not destroy its valuable medicinal properties. The following are some tips on how to evaluate the bay area solventless.

Think About Strain Potency

There are two main types of cannabis chemotypes (strains) today – indica and sativa. Each chemotype has a different cannabinoid profile. Indicas are short, bushy plants with wide broad leaves and are THC-dominant. Sativas are tall with thin leaves and flowers late in the season and are CBD-dominant. For the best results in treating disease symptoms, it is best to use a specific strain for your condition.

Consider the Terpene Profile

There are different terpenes found in cannabis plants to give them distinct flavor profiles. Terpenes have healing properties that can combat various conditions. These conditions include inflammation, pain relief, and giving you an excellent night’s sleep. Recent research shows that terpenes can alleviate nausea and vomiting. They achieve this by inhibiting certain enzymes in the body.

Determine the Flavor Profile

Cannabis plants are bred with specific flavors to generate certain desired effects on an individual. THC, CBD, and CBN, the three most common cannabinoids and terpenes. The terpenes and cannabinoids work together to create the all-natural flavor profiles found in these strains. Certain flowers contain more than one terpene (aroma). When evaluating the Bay Area solventless, it is vital to note that terpenes can mask the authentic flavors of the plant.

Production Process

There are two main production methods. Wet processes entail extracting terpenes from the plant. Dry processes use heat to evaporate the solvent and leave only cannabinoids behind. The process also applies to oils and waxes. A solventless extraction process ensures that most of the valuable compounds you want for sleep, pain relief, and anxiety will be left in the final product.

There is a lack of good scientific studies on new approaches to cannabis extraction methods. Suppose you are interested in getting your hands on these extracts. In that case, it would be best if you did so with caution and care. The tips listed above will help you evaluate the solventless of a bay area.