Work From Home: Tips to choose an ergonomic chair for your home office |  Architectural Digest India

A considerable part of the population requires a person to work from a desk. However, sitting at a desk day by day can cause back pain.  Because of this, it is essential to find the best office chair that will aid in alleviating those pains.  An ergonomic chair is a chair specially designed to help with posture.

Height, Width, and Depth

The first things to consider are the ergonomic chair’s height, width, and depth.  It should be able to be adjusted to the height that best suits the person.  The chair should be adjusted so that their thighs sit horizontally, arms parallel with the desk, and feet flat on the floor.

Likewise, there should be enough depth and width to support the person comfortably.  Typically, when it comes to the width, it would be around 17-20 inches wide, while the seat would be enough that when someone sits, it will leave about 2-4 inches between the seat and the back of the knees.  Ultimately, a person should be able to adjust the chair to their highest comfort level.

Swivel, Material, and Armrests

A few things that not too many may consider are a chair’s swivel, material, and armrests.  These are also important when looking for an ergonomic chair.  The chair’s swivel is crucial because the more manageable the chair rotates, the less amount of strain the user will need to move around.  The heavy duty casters aid in the swivel of the chair.

The material can also be overlooked at times when choosing the best chair.  The material is vital because it’s good to make sure it will withstand the long hours used sitting in the chair.  The armrests are also a forgotten part, but it will be good to find a chair with adjustable armrests to obtain optimal comfort.

Lumbar Support and Backrests

These are probably the most crucial parts of an ergonomic chair.  Lumbar support is imperative, and the chair should be able to be adjusted so that the curve of the spine does not leave the user tempted to slouch, which can lead to back pain.

Along with adjusting for lumbar support, the backrest itself should be able to adjust to the proper height and angle to reach the highest level of comfort.

All of these things should be considered when looking for the best ergonomic chair that will aid in reducing the risks of back pain and other possible health issues.