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Cloudflare Manages to Block Massive DDoS Attack on Unnamed Crypto Platform

Cloudflare, a company that specialises in web security has confirmed that they have successfully stopped what they believe to be one of the largest distributed denial-of-service or DDoS attacks on record, which targeted an unnamed cryptocurrency company. The attack was detected and mitigated automatically

Light Plane With 2 On Board Disappears Over English Channel

The British-registered plane had taken off with five other light aircraft as part of a joint outing, the prefecture said. Its last known position was half-way over the Channel some 25 miles (45 kilometres) from Dungeness in the southeast of England, according to the

Hugelkultur: A Different Way of Container Gardening

People without a lot of outdoor space sometimes grow a garden in containers such as raised beds. They refill the containers each year with several bags of nutrient-rich soil and compost that they purchase. But there is another way to provide soil for small gardens. The

Earth Day: Agra citizens vow to plant 100 trees each in their lifetime

There’s no denying the fact that the world we live in needs more trees. Along with the wave of development, the trees are getting fewer day by day, especially in urban areas. Taking a step forward towards preserving the greenery, the citizens of Agra

The Pandemic Has Made Us Germaphobes, Data Shows. Here’s How Cleaning Businesses Are Stepping In.

Cleanliness took on a new meaning at the beginning of the pandemic. Suddenly disinfecting surfaces became a top priority for businesses and households alike. Cleaning supplies sold out nationwide almost immediately as consumers scrambled to ensure that their spaces and surfaces were virus-free. We’re