Today’s products need to be made from harder materials with complex geometries as fast as possible. The move to perfect products has led to a lot of industries trying custom parts. Here are some industries that should try custom machining.


Companies in the medical industry need to have their parts custom made. This is because it deals with people, and every one is unique. If all prosthetics were machined, so they were identical, they would be useless. Additionally, medical tools need to be precise. In the world of prosthetics, even a few millimeters can make a difference.


The aerospace industry is the most complex. These parts need to be manufactured exactly as they are intended, and they need to perform under severe stress. Fighter jet parts go through a ton of overloads regularly. They must be able to withstand this and still be light.


Automotive manufacturers rely heavily on appealing to their customers. Therefore, they need to have custom and continuously changing parts. At the same time, these parts must meet the testing requirements. Getting these parts custom made allows for a quick turn around on new parts.


Companies in the power industry are similar to those in the aerospace world. Power companies need complex parts manufactured with perfection out of the toughest alloys. For instance, gas turbines need to withstand high temperatures and pressure. Fortunately, this isn’t changed often, so new models aren’t a necessity.


The optical industry makes lenses for everything from cameras and microscopes to glasses and car lights. For these to function properly, they need to be manufactured from transparent materials. This includes glass, Polycarbonate, and Plexiglass. Then, each piece must meet the necessary curvature. This is especially true with glasses lenses.

Many major industries can benefit from having their parts custom made. This is because it can improve the overall quality of the products they offer.