2016 saw extensive investment by Wessex in the migration of doors to a chassis based build method for both its ¬up and over and side hinged garage door ranges. The culmination of that effort is a new brochure and price list showcasing the new ranges for 2017.

The new build has proven to be a winner with customers, creating a strong, corrosion protected steel chassis that provides a protective “picture frame” edge all around the glorious G.R.P. door panel.

The highlights:

  • Standard size pricing bands for 7’0”, 7’6” and 14’0” wide doors in 6’6” and 7’0” heights for up and over doors.
  • Made to measure now in 5mm increments
  • Re-introduction of Gothic & Tudor designs
  • New one-piece Lymington with windows design
  • Insulated roller door option


[Source:- doorindustryjournal]