The outbreak of COVID-19 has forced innovation across all the sectors and education is no exception to this. Breaking the classroom barriers schools have launched live / virtual classroom; like most cases there has been some mixed response from students and parents in this regard. It has sparked a debate among many on how the teaching methods will evolve and change for good in the future. Some feel online live teaching environment is better than the traditional classroom environment while others feel vice-versa. With the sudden alteration from classroom to online learning some are speculating if the adoption of online learning will continue to persist post-pandemic.

What makes traditional learning or offline learning so important and why it cannot be completely eliminated?

Traditional learning has qualitative benefits over online learning and this benefit is more relevant among pre-primary and primary students who have short attention span to be spending hours in a virtual classroom environment.

Benefits of traditional learning:

  • One-on-one or in-person teaching is effective and demonstrates increased levels of student engagement with teachers
  • Traditional classroom teaching environment increases interaction among students and provides conducive environment to learn fellow students
  • It also encourages higher level of competitiveness among students
  • The social environment at a traditional school is perfect to build a child’s character and personality
  • Teachers play a pivotal role in instilling discipline and providing a sense of direction to students in a traditional learning environment

What are the challenges faced by students and parents in an Online / virtual classroom environment?

  • Child’s safety is first major challenge in online classroom environment among parents and schools. Cyber bullying and cybercrimes on the rise and students are soft targets for these criminals
  • Online classroom lacks constant supervision of a teacher and most of the working couples cannot provide the same level of supervision to their kids as they get from their teachers
  • Students do not have the same level of discipline and direction that is required to learn in a virtual classroom environment
  • Online learning also prohibits social interaction and development among kids
  • Exposure and easy access to undesirable content on the internet also acts as a deterrent to learning for students in online environment

Why traditional classroom is more important than online learning post-pandemic?

Online environment has focused on digital content however it lacks emphasis on the importance of learning aspect; whereas traditional environment focuses on content and providing knowledge in real time. Online learning can be tedious for most of the students as they tend to procrastinate due to lack of self-discipline and teachers also face the challenge of engaging students. Traditional classroom encourages closer relationship of students with their teachers

One of the main factor that will encourage traditional classroom learning will be the shared learning experience among students. This aspect cannot be replaced by any online teaching method, students learn better in an environment where they can socialise and learn from fellow students.

source: indiatoday