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Traditional Blogs Are Dead – Here is What the Future Looks Like

Blogs are dead. Long live blogging. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard or read this statement. Everything is video now. No one reads blogs anymore. As such, everybody needs to start a Youtube channel. That’s the word on the street. The

What Is Naturalistic Observation? Definition and Examples

Naturalistic observation is a research method used in psychology and other social sciences in which research participants are observed in their natural environments. Unlike lab experiments that involve testing hypotheses and controlling variables, naturalistic observation simply requires recording what is observed in a specific

Understanding traditional and modern eating: the TEP10 framework

Abstract Across the world, there has been a movement from traditional to modern eating, including a movement of traditional eating patterns from their origin culture to new cultures, and the emergence of new foods and eating behaviors. This trend toward modern eating is of

Beneficial effect of mindfulness based stress reduction on optic disc perfusion in primary open angle glaucoma: A randomized controlled trial

Abstract Background and aim Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of visual impairment worldwide. Next to intraocular pressure (IOP), vascular factors play a major role in glaucoma. Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) has been shown to reduce the IOP, normalize the stress biomarkers, modulate gene expression, and also

Panjab University country’s third best traditional institute

Chandigarh: Though Panjab University (PU) slipped to the 149th rank from the last year’s 136th, the university saw an improvement in overall points as per the Times Higher Education Asia University Rankings 2020 today. The PU improved its overall points tally to remain the

Traditional shoes reclaim market share on Eid

BHAKKAR: Instead of expensive branded shoes, most people here preferred to wear traditional footwear produced in Bhakkar on Eid. Dr Tariq Mustafa said he had come here from Faisalabad to buy the traditional chappals for his children because he wanted his family to celebrate the

Coronavirus Casts Confusion Over Traditional Car Selling Seasons

Call it the season of the twitch. If there’s one thing as constant in the spring as March Madness, April rain and Memorial Day sales, it’s the start of the prime auto selling season. But one of the many consequences of the coronavirus pandemic

Traditional learning will always have a place in our classrooms

The outbreak of COVID-19 has forced innovation across all the sectors and education is no exception to this. Breaking the classroom barriers schools have launched live / virtual classroom; like most cases there has been some mixed response from students and parents in this

Traditional food back on menu in Odisha homes

KENDRAPARA: As people settle into a new lifestyle caused by the coronavirus outbreak, their eating habits have undergone a change for the better. In Kendrapara district, the lockdown has resulted in people going back to homemade healthy dishes in absence of junk food sold

Try traditional dishes for Ugadi

Ugadi is just a couple of days away. It’s also a time to spend with family and gorge on some traditional home-made delicacies. Ugadi marks the beginning of Chaitra, the first month, in the Hindu Lunar calendar. The spirit of the festival is to