Moyo by Chairs & More is an outdoor metal seat, created by 4P1B Design Studio in Milan, at the second collaboration with the company, following the successful launch of Jujube.

The form is entrusted to a single sign, a line that throughout his path, remains identical to itself and, without interruption and breaks, creates a soft, motherly chair. Even the colors, material and natural, evoking ancestral feelings communicate in an elementary way the idea of lightness and enveloping comfort.

Moyo is distinguished by its shape, made by a single sign that for all its path remains identical to itself, without deadlifts or interruptions. It’s made of metal and is available in different colors, warm and natural. Thanks to its light and sinuous lines, it fits perfectly to different styles of furniture for the garden. The cover in faux fur, then, gives an extra touch to the chair, making it enjoyable even in wintertime. A very versatile product, but at the same time able to give an extra touch to the environment.




[Source:- Interiorzine]