This contemporary design apartment in Milan, Italy is created by Studio GUM for a young family who had returned home to Italy after log travel abroad. So its artistic, bespoke and dynamic features are a very stylish welcoming salute in Italian design. The shape of the apartment itself is quite irregular and unique: long and rectangular arrangement with a mezzanine level and pitched wooden roof on one side with a row of skylight that secure not only the abundance of light, but also the unique character of the architectural shell.

The interior design of the apartment features many bespoke fittings (starting by the gorgeous bookshelf on the mezzanine floor that plays dabble role also as a parapet) including the cabinetry, the food preparation zone and otter functional solutions and finishes to the handles of the doors. The beautiful creation of Pietro Russo the bookcase Romboidale composed by iron, wood, and brass immediately become a central focal point of the mezzanine construct.

On the basic level, the designers cleverly had defined the difference between the living premises with a distinction in the flooring: gorgeous wooden parquet for the living zones, hexagonal tiles for the functionality of the kitchen and corridor. This and other trendy elements of the design made from brass, wood and iron compose one truly artistic, modern and unique character of the arrangement. The blue formica that clad the food preparation zone and the cabinetry is a creative and fresh addition to the design composition. The living area space is so stylish and cozy with its contemporary furniture pieces and cheerful color compositions that resemble a picture of a children’s book. The bedrooms are elegant and welcoming. In the kids room, additional mezzanine level ensures a bright and stylish working space solution.


[Source: Interiorzine]