LIQUID is a series of wall mirrors that play with optical textures by Taeg Nishimoto. Partially distressed circular mirror is imbedded into the cast concrete disk with pigments that document the flow of concrete while poured into the mold. The combination of flowing patterns of pigmented concrete and the distressed part of the mirror creates a new layer to the presence of mirror in space as well as to the act of looking into the mirror. The pre-distressed circular mirror is placed at the bottom of the circular mold in which the concrete is poured. Different consistencies of concrete with various amount of pigments are prepared before the pouring.

First, the concrete with the most amount of pigment is poured, then gradually the concrete with less pigment and different liquidity is poured in. The concrete with no pigment is the last pour. The release agent is randomly applied to the bottom surface of the mold to provide conditions in which the pigmented concrete react to the agent in an unexpected manner. When the concrete is cured and taken off from the mold, the surface is treated with sealer.
The location and the direction of a sequential pour of the liquid state of concrete determine the final outcome of the pattern on the surface.



[Source:- Interiorzine]