LG ProBeam Laser Projector, Deep Learning Based Home Appliances Unveiled Ahead of CES

LG is all set to unveil its next generation products and appliances at CES 2017 that will be held in Las Vegas from January 5. LG’s upcoming slew of products includes a new laser projector – LG ProBeam running webOS – that the company will put on display at the CES. Other home appliances that LG is slated to showcase at the event comprise a robot cleaner, a smart refrigerator, a smart air conditioner, and a smart washing machine. All of the home appliances are integrated with the deep learning technology.

Coming to the projector, LG ProBeam is a laser projector that is equipped with an advanced laser engine producing up to 2,000 lumens of brightness. Unlike the regular projectors, LG ProBeam is tall and narrow that makes it easier to hold in one hand. It weighs in at just 2.1kg and comes in a white metallic body. The LG ProBeam runs on webOS that makes it a smart projector, which will run Netflix, YouTube and other streamable content from the Internet.

LG has equipped the LG ProBeam with Sound Sync Adjustment for pairing with Bluetooth device such as a headphone or a speaker. The LG ProBeam supports content mirroring with its Wireless Mirroring feature that uses Miracast-enabled devices to project content from them. You wouldn’t have to worry about image setting for unusual and extreme angles from the screen as LG ProBeam employs four corner keystone and vertical auto keystone image correction features. LG hasn’t provided any information regarding its availability and price, but we may learn more from LG on this at CES.

Besides, LG is gearing up to exhibit its new range of smart home appliances – a refrigerator, a washing machine, an air conditioner, and a robot cleaner. LG has integrated all of these products with the deep learning so that they can recognise and learn the customer’s lifestyle patterns and customise the setting accordingly. The robot cleaner is an impressive vacuum-cleaner that can actually analyse objects and cleans only the litter and scrapped items. It will even ask the person to move aside if he’s stepped on some garbage or become an obstruction on its way. The refrigerator, washing machine and the air conditioner work on the skills that they will gradually learn from a customer’s usage patterns and will perform in accordance with them.



[Source:- Gadgets360]