Man With Brick Fails To Break Into Jewellery Display Case. Police Now Looking For Him

The police in Wisconsin, the United States, are seeking the public’s help in identifying a man who unsuccessfully tried to break a display multiple time sat the jewellery store using a brick. They have released a video of the unsuccessful attempt, which shows the man trying to break the display not once or twice, but nine times. The burglar was successful in his last attempt, but was eventually chased by an employee, according to the video doing the rounds on the internet.
The incident took place on June 1 at Kay Jewellers, about 24 kilometres from Milwaukee. The video shows a man entering the store around 1pm, pulling a brick out of his pocket and repeatedly smashing the display case.

The man, dressed in red shirt and matching shoes, stopped to put on his sunglasses in an apparent bid to avoid being recognised, as seen in the clip.