Sometimes you feel overwhelmed by the amount of blog post ideas you have, and other times it’s like pulling hair out to even think of one. How can it vary so much?!

Blogging for your business is something I feel passionately can really drive your interior design business growth and bring in new clients almost on autopilot.

But choosing exactly what to write about and how to write about it can be a difficult decision to make sure it’s worth your while.

I’ve compiled eight solid frameworks that can work on a repeat to really maximise your chances of blogging success, they are:

  • Ideas & Inspiration
  • How-To Guide
  • Comparison
  • Best Of
  • Colour Schemes
  • Trends Specific
  • Lifestyle
  • Seasonal

Each framework comes with it’s own set of specific interior design blog post ideas to get your started.

Your writing style or design style may sway you towards some more than others and don’t feel you need to do them all – experiment with different post types and see what works for you.

Ideas & Inspiration

This is the bread and butter of interiors based content. Visually heavy, giving your reader specific ideas and inspiration around a topic they are searching for.

Usually focused around specific rooms of the house, it’s easy to imagine what people might be searching for in Google when looking for ideas for decorating their house, anything from ‘kitchen ideas’ to ‘loft bedroom storage ideas’.

These types of keywords are searched for millions of times a month (even just in the UK) and can be a great way to drive a lot of traffic to your blog.

That said, the competition is fierce. Large publications (whose main revenue source is adverts on their website) need to drive traffic to increase their sales so these keywords can be extremely competitive.

However, there are still some great opportunities if you focus on more niche areas of this content type. Rather than going very generic like ‘bedroom ideas’ focus down on a particular colour of bedrooms to give inspiration to your readers such as ‘gold bedroom ideas’ or ‘guest bedroom ideas’.

How-To Guides

Teach your potential clients how to do something you offer – this can be an incredible way of showcasing your expertise on certain areas of your work.

Whether that is helping them learn how to estimate how much paint they need to paint their bedroom, or how much material they need to reupholster a chair.

Supplementary content can support these blog posts such as videos and images showing each step of the guide – this can also help increase the time the reader spends on your site which will increase their chance of using your services in the future.

The best How-To content keeps things very simple and clear to ensure it’s easy for the reader to take action straight away. Imagine they are in the process of trying to do the task and need at the right speed for them to action.


Comparison posts are a great way to help your readers understand the difference between two types of topics/concepts.

Often they compare specific product types such as ‘gas vs electric hob’ or ‘blinds vs curtains’ and it’s essential to make it obvious to your readers what are the best option for them by highlighting the pros and cons of each.

Additionally, there are often comparisons of specific brands such as ‘nest vs hive’ or ‘moduleo vs karndean’ where you may need to help them even more and this also gives you an opportunity to utilise affiliate links to increase your income.

Naturally, there are many other comparisons in the design world that people are searching for – but focus on what you know and it will really highlight your skills.

Best Of

If you are looking to earn extra income from affiliate marketing, then Best Of content is perfect for you.

Based off (quite obviously) people searching for ‘Best X’ in relation to products in their home – you can create curated lists of products suitable for whatever the need for the reader.

These types of content can be great for going after long-tail keywords that whilst having less search volume, have a much lower competition and are easier to drive traffic to your blog.

Colour Schemes

Does this colour go with that colour? A question many people are themselves when it comes to their home.

Other than knowing that grey is the overwhelmingly most popular colour in people’s homes, users will want to know what works well with it to fit their personality. Whether that’s utilising oranges and copper or pink and rose gold.

With an ever-increasing abundance of colour options from paint companies getting it right is more crucial for people in their homes than ever before.

Highlight key looks and trends that go well together, what colours are both popular or up-and-coming. If you predicted copper was going to be a key look in homes 5 years ago, you would have made a lot of money.

Trends Specific

Whether you are a fan of trends or not, there are many out there that really want to know about them.

They aren’t always trends that are swiftly moving on through and short-lived – there are long-term trends such as ‘scandinavian interior design’ type trends that likely will never die.

The key to this type of content is to showcase examples of how your readers can get the same look in their home – whether they want it across their whole house or maybe just want hints of it in their living room.

As ever, strong usage of imagery is essential as this will really help your readers imagine the looks in their own home.


Interiors can play a vital role in the lifestyle trends that the world lives by.

Lifestyle trends, such as Hygge, can often be greatly influenced by your home as such interior design blogs can capitalise on this by giving readers the achieving this lifestyle ‘in your home’ element.

There are other factors of people’s lives that are playing into the hands of interior design blogs – with the ‘internet of things’ leading to more and more appliances and smart devices being part of our lives – discussing how to incorporate these into your home without ruining the aesthetics can be important to many.


Whilst not fully evergreen content, seasonal content presents an opportunity for consistent upticks in traffic during certain periods of the year.

As there are seasonal opportunities pretty much the entire year, you can capitalise on this to drive a lot of traffic to your blog.

This can be event-based or general season-related. For example, you can target Christmas related content as well as winter-focused articles. Some keywords include ‘how to decorate a christmas tree’ or ‘winter decor ideas’.

Your readers will love this content as its more timely than other evergreen type content.

One thing that you will notice in most of the interior design blog post ideas in each framework is that visuals are extremely important.

This should come as no surprise – and your blog content is a prime example to really show off your design work through the images without being super-selly in the writing.