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How to Prepare Your Business for Winter

Winter’s coming! You need to make sure your business is well equipped to deal with whatever weather throws at you this season, and there’s no time to waste. While the list of steps you should take is potentially unending, there are a few things

Hiring the Right Plumber

Whether you have found a leak, need to replace a water heater or are adding or remodeling a bathroom in your home, you need a good plumber. In emergency situations, you may be tempted to search Fox Valley plumbing without doing adequate research, but this

Thinking Outside the Gift Box

When your loved one’s birthday is coming up, you want to pick out the perfect present. It can’t be something he or she already has, but you also want to make sure it will be loved and used. If you can’t think of any

Festival Amenities To Look For

The main thing you are looking for in a festival is probably entertainment. However, since festivals often involve spending an entire day or more at the festival site, there are other amenities you may want to investigate. Restrooms Few things can ruin a festival

3 Ways Printing Is Used

We are surrounded by words and pictures. One of the reasons why we have so much access to these things is through printing. Mass production of products that have text and pictures on them comes from the help of printers. However, the world is

7 common home heating myths

7 Common Home Heating Myths Debunked created by Logan AC & Heat Services.

Tips for Making Money at Storage Auctions

Thanks to reality television series, such as “Storage Wars,” it is now popular for entrepreneurs to purchase storage units that have been abandoned by renters and to earn a profit from what is found inside. While the show has produced some impressive discoveries, being

How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Have you ever heard your dad tell you to close the door when the AC is on because he doesn’t want to waste money cooling the outside? Your dad is right that it would be a waste to run the AC with the door

3 Great Ways To Turn Your Home Into a Destination for Family Fun

Wondering how you’ll entertain your family while you’re stuck at home? Here are three ways you can transform the most average home into an exciting staycation destination that the entire family will love! 1. Install a Swimming Pool Swimming pools are a backyard entertainment

Important Home Maintenance Projects You May Not Have Thought Of

Owning a home is a big undertaking. It seems that the list of things to do goes on and on forever. While there may be weekly and even monthly chores that you take care of, there are a few maintenance items that can go