Gutter Guards and Your Home | PermaTreat Pest and Termite Control

The gutters on a house can work perfectly for years before suddenly experiencing major issues. In some cases, all it will take is one huge storm, and the gutters will have to be completely replaced. Of course, if the gutters were older and actually did have some underlying problems that weren’t recognized until too late, customers will be more likely to run into issues like that at some point.

Gutters may be in place to provide a degree of protection. However, those gutters can also certainly work even more effectively and successfully if they have the protection of their own in the form of gutter guards. A gutter guard might seem like it’s fairly simple, but it’s already more than enough to help people avoid plenty of different gradual but potentially destructive household hazards.

Pest Problems

When people have issues with pests of all kinds, they will often assume that there is an issue inside the house. People might feel personally responsible, or they could try to change their cleaning habits. However, in a lot of cases, the issue might actually relate to what occurs outdoors, especially if people live in areas with a lot of natural space surrounding them.

There are houses that have had insect problems and other pest issues for a while. People can hire exterminators to try to handle those populations, which can be enough. However, even people who keep everything clean and make sure that initial household pest problems are eliminated can still find themselves dealing with rodents, spiders, insects, and even bats.

These animals might get into the house after nesting in the house’s gutters. These issues can be particularly pronounced if bats and similar animals are involved because these animals are already frequently found on the roof or near the roof. They might get into the house through the chimney from that point onward. People who constantly have issues with bats should consider that there might actually be other problems with their gutters. Installing gutter guards might help people control problems with pests like bats before they even take shape.

People can also make things easier for other pests by getting gutter guards. Lots of animals like this enjoy the moist and rotting conditions that can occur in household gutters. Animals are looking for spaces that are safe from predators. While lots of animals will avoid people most of the time, they won’t necessarily feel like they’re close to people when nesting in the gutters. It can feel like a great habitat for them. Something as simple as gutter guards can stop all of that.