New record: $2,090 a month is average cost of one-bedroom rental in Vancouver

For more than a year, Vancouver has taken top spot for the most expensive city to rent in Canada and now the city of glass has broken another record.

In July, the average price of rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Vancouver hit $2,090 a month; which is the first time this type of property has cracked the $2,000 mark since Padmapper started tracking rental data. Padmapper collects rental data from 25 of Canada’s biggest cities based on population.

In June the average price for renting a one-bedroom was $1,950. That’s a 2.5 per cent jump in cost from June to July and year-over-year price of a one-bedroom in Vancouver has increased by 15.5 per cent.

Similarly, rent for a two-bedroom grew by 2.5 per cent in July to $3,230 a month.

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While Vancouver stays poised at the top of the list, Toronto comes in second consistently with rents increasing only slightly (0.9 per cent) to $1,800 a month for a one-bedroom and $2,430 for a two-bedroom.

Affordability for both renters and homeowners continues to be a hot topic in Metro Vancouver.

In March, tenants on Vancouver’s west side fought against a 35 per cent rent increase. The landlord of the building, located in the 1000-block of West 13th Avenue wants to raise the rent above this year’s legally-capped limit of 3.7 per cent under a clause of the Residential Tenancy Regulation.

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The province currently caps annual rent increases at 3.7 per cent, but landlords can apply for exceptions if the rent they are currently charging is significantly lower than what is being charged for similar suites nearby.

The City of Vancouver conducted a survey of 10,000 residents, which resoundingly said affordability is their top priority and the city’s new housing strategy should prioritize housing based on what local residents can afford.

The survey also found that many residents believe investment pressure is a primary contributor to rising prices and that the majority of renters are concerned about their future in Vancouver — with affordability being a main reason why they might choose to leave. City staff will be reporting to council on July 25 with the results of the public consultation, housing targets in the next 10 years and actions to achieve those targets.

Victoria also remained in the top five even though rent fell by 5.1 per cent for one-bedroom units ($1,120/month) and slightly increased by 0.7 per cent for two-bedroom apartments ($1,410/month).



Jules Sebastian spills on sex life with Guy

Jules Sebastian is a woman of many talents. She’s a mother to two beautiful boys, a blogger, a stylist and a TV presenter.

Now the busy mother-of-two has shared how life between the sheets has changed since her hubby Guy Sebastian’s shredded transformation.

mother being yourself stylist be yourself

“Being myself, trying to not be somebody that you’re not and just being yourself is key,” she told Be. Source: Instagram

Speaking exclusively to Be she admits, “Look we are always great in the bedroom, it’s definitely enhanced,”, before adding, “he’s looking amazing, I’m so proud of him”.

Jules called Guy her ‘super hot hubby’. Source: Instagram

But the journey to those rock hard abs on Guy came at a price! Jules admits that the pair worked hard for a grueling two months to get in shape and she went along for the ride in support of her husband.

health fitness food habits eating prioritise health

” I use to eat whatever I wanted wherever I wanted but now I realize that what you put into your body is what you get out of your body,” she admitted. Source: Instagram

“Yeah we decided to do it together, so about eight weeks ago we really just started focusing on, well exactly what I said before about prioritising.”

She later added, “We just started to prioritise our health and fitness and we really did, it was cold turkey like one day we just did it, no carbs no sugars, eating really cleanly, having almond milk and training six days a week,” she tells Be.

mother mum fitness food eating habits busy prioritise

“I thought I’m a mum I’m busy I don’t have time for exercise but once I made it a priority it actually all unfolded and was amazing.” Source: Insatgram

And a day on a plate in the Sebastian household would typically be very clean, with Jules admitting, “Last night I whipped up an amazing chicken salad with everything under the sun, avocado tomato, mixed lettuce, egg.”

However she admits her two boys Hudson, five, and Archer, three, eat slightly different and not as strict, but says she has food swaps for them such as giving them whole meal pasta instead of white.


Here’s how much you need to earn to rent a 2-bedroom apartment in 15 of America’s biggest cities

Los Angeles

Anton_Ivanov/Shutterstock …

One-third of Americans overpay for housing, and renters have it the worst .In fact, almost half spend over 30% of their incomes on rent, exceeding the standard measure of affordability, according to the 2017 State of the Nation’s Housing report, published by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University.

In addition to transportation and food, housing is one of the biggest expenses Americans have. Cutting back on these things could mean more savings in the bank and even a ticket to early retirement.

In its latest report , SmartAsset calculated the income needed to afford rent in 15 major US cities. That is, the salary a household must earn to spend a comfortable 28% of its income on rent for a two-bedroom apartment. Rent prices were pulled from RENTCafe ‘s January 2017 report.

Below, check out how much you need to earn to pay rent in San Francisco, New York, Boston, and 12 more of America’s major metro areas.


In Burbank, one-bedroom house with rooftop deck asks $549K

What this little house in Burbank lacks in living space (691 square feet in total), it makes up for in personality, with a bright red paint job and a rooftop deck that offers views across the surrounding hills.

Built in 1922, the home has one bedroom and one bathroom, with a bright and airy living room that leads out to a small deck overlooking the street.

Living room and reading nook
Bedroom with wide window

Interior features include hardwood floors, beamed ceilings, a rustic stone fireplace, and a pleasant little reading nook that extends out from the living area. The kitchen may be in line for an update, but offers plenty of cabinetry and counter space, along with a gas stove.

Stone fireplace

The home sits on a 2,058-square-foot lot, with the living space stacked atop a two-car garage that could certainly be mined for a little extra storage space.

Per the listing, recent updates include a new roof, hot water heater, garbage disposal, and new windows.

Rooftop deck

The home last sold in 2012 for $262,000; it’s now back on the market seeking $549,000. An open house is scheduled for 2 to 5 p.m. Sunday.


Report: 94-hour workweek required at minimum wage to afford 2-bedroom apartment in Utah

Larry Darden poses for a portrait in his home at the Lowell Apartments in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, June 14, 2017. Darden, who has been in his current apartment for a year and a half, had issues previously with finding affordable housing and suffered from unsafe living conditions.

SALT LAKE CITY — Before Larry Darden moved out in early 2016, he “was afraid to go to sleep at night” in his downtown Salt Lake apartment.

Roaches infested the place. There were attempted break-ins. Darden never felt comfortable or secure.

“It was very, very unsafe at my last address,” Darden says.

Despite the deplorable conditions, Darden was hundreds of dollars per month short of being able to consistently afford his apartment.

But after his applications for a place elsewhere were met with repeated rejections due to his prior criminal record, Darden was given a lifeline. He was able to get in at the Lowell Apartments, a low-income affordable housing complex at 233 E. 700 South managed by the Utah Nonprofit Housing Corp.

“Once I moved from there into here, it was like moving into paradise,” Darden told the Deseret News while proudly giving a tour of his one-bedroom apartment.

Larry Darden looks on while in his home at the Lowell Apartments in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, June 14, 2017. Darden, who has been in his current apartment for a year and a half, had issues previously with finding affordable housing and suffered from unsafe living conditions. | Alex Goodlett, Deseret News

But even the Lowell Apartments took nearly a year to get Darden in — largely because of the overwhelming demand in Salt Lake City for affordable housing for low-income residents. Darden knows how fortunate he is.

“Here, it’s quiet, it’s respectful. There’s no problems, it’s a great place to lay your head in,” Darden said. “It’s very, very hard to find a place like this.”

The standard rent at the Lowell Apartments is a below-market rate of $575 per month — a few hundred dollars less than he was paying — and there is flexibility on top of that. Darden works as a residential assistant there to earn the remaining amount he cannot pay.


University of Utah Health

| Brandview

How to stay cool when it comes to hot flashes

Many other Utahns who could use affordable housing are not as lucky. Officials estimate the state has a shortage of 43,000 affordable units. For those who simply can’t get in, the mainstream housing market has their way with them.

And that market has not been kind to low-income Utahns.

According to new data published by the National Low Income Housing Coalition, a person or household earning minimum wage must work 76 hours per week in order to reasonably afford a one-bedroom apartment at the fair market rate in Utah.

By the same metric, affording a two-bedroom apartment in Utah would require working 94 hours per week at minimum wage, the organization reported.

At just 40 hours per week, the lowest wage that could afford a two-bedroom apartment in Utah is $17.02 per hour on average, states the report, published June 8 and titled “Out of Reach: The High Cost of Housing.”

That places Utah near the middle of the road in the United States, with the 25th lowest such required wage, the National Low Income Housing Coalition said. Minimum wage in Utah is $7.25.

The findings indicate that minimum-wage workers must choose between working exorbitant hours or spending a very high and exceptionally risky portion of their income on housing, the report authors believe.

“A severely (rent) cost-burdened household is often one unexpected bill away from losing their home,” housing coalition spokeswoman Lisa Marlow said in an email, citing a medical bill or a car repair as examples. “One emergency puts them behind in paying for their housing. Families in this situation are likely to experience greater stress (and) poorer health.”

There are 276,708 renter households in Utah, accounting for about 31 percent of all residences in the state. According to the report, at 40 hours of work each week, the household earning the average wage of a Utah renter — $13.26 per hour — could reasonably afford $689 per month in rent. The average fair market rate for a two-bedroom apartment in Utah is $885 per month; it’s $716 per month for a one-bedroom apartment.

The housing coalition based its findings on the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s calculation of fair market rent rates in every American county and metropolitan area. The fair market rate is considered “what a family moving today could expect to pay for a modest apartment or rental home in the area,” Marlow said.

Following the same methodology of the federal government, the organization defines housing as affordable when household members use less than 30 percent of their income to pay for it. Households above that threshold are considered significantly cost-burdened by housing, while those who pay for it with more than 50 percent of their income are considered severely cost-burdened.

A factor in homelessness

Unaffordable housing strongly increases the chances of a minimum-wage worker being evicted and potentially becoming homeless, according to Marlow.

“Homelessness is the direct result of the affordable rental housing shortage,” she said. “We have learned from a growing collection of studies that stable, affordable housing has positive outcomes regarding health, education and employment.”

Glenn Bailey, executive director of the Crossroads Urban Center, which runs a food pantry and thrift store serving needy populations, said a clear line can be drawn between a lack of affordable housing and homelessness.+


Guest bedroom design ideas

White guest bedroom with black iron bed and barrel bedside table

A well-designed guest bedroom will make friends and family feel welcome, even when they are far from home. Use vibrant colour, hotel-style furnishings and touchable textures to make your guest room a place people can’t wait to spend time in.

If you want to be the perfect host for your guests, there’s nothing more luxurious than showing them to their own, beautifully decorated bedroom. Providing your guest with all of their favourite home comforts – beautiful bedding, plenty of storage and even a light to read by at night, will all add up to a wonderful experience for your loved ones.

Create a room that is clean and serene with a neutral backdrop that will please any taste. A hotel-style room is chic and elegant and will be a pleasure to stay in. Opt for soft furnishings in muted hues of grey, brown and white to evoke a feeling of calm for your guests.

Or show your personality with a themed room that your guests will instantly recognise as your own style. A pop of your favourite colour, furniture styles in keeping with the rest of your home or your favourite wall art will remind your guests of your personality and tastes.

If you don’t have the room to create a spare place just for guests, why not partition off another room to create a small area for guests to sleep? Choosing to section off part of your living room and sticking to a minimalist design won’t take up much space, but will mean your home instantly becomes more welcoming to loved ones. Take a look at these bedroom storage ideas for more inspiration.

If you’re really struggling with space, have a look at our pick of the best sofa beds.
[Source:- Ideal home]


Nature-inspired bedroom

When the owners of this house moved in, this bedroom was a completely blank canvas – it had brand-new fitted carpets but everything else was neutral. The couple didn’t have any furniture to fill it with, but rather than rush to fill the room, they decided to sleep in it as it was so they could get a better feel for the space and what decor would work best in it. They were quite clear on what they wanted, in principle: a hotel-style bed, lots of clutter-eliminating storage and a dressing table too. It was asking a great deal from a fairly small room, but by taking their time the couple found solutions.

‘For a while it felt rather odd sleeping in an empty box. But it did give us time to work out what we wanted. We knew everything would benefit from a fresh coat of paint, so we used a crisp cream colour on the walls and painted the woodwork glossy white. Although the carpet wasn’t my choice, it seemed silly to change it. So we gave it a good clean, and even at that stage the room began to feel more homely.’



[Source:- Ideal home]


Be inspired by this luxurious and feminine bedroom makeover

Relaxing and clutter-free bedroom

‘I’ve lived in the Newbury area all of my life and love the countryside, so when a converted barn came up for sale, my husband and I were quick to snap it up. I’d always dreamt of living in a barn and this one was just what we wanted. Our bedroom, however, was quite small so we decided to convert the garage and create a gorgeous new master suite.’

This house was originally a narrow old barn, so they were able to take advantage of this and create a dual-aspect bedroom out of the garage. ‘As we didn’t need planning permission, we contacted a local building company that could complete the project fairly quickly. My only problem was clearing out all our junk! Within four weeks, the garage door was removed and blocked up, new windows were cut out and fitted, and the walls plastered.’ The owners knew they wanted a luxurious new bedroom that would be clutter-free and relaxing but not too feminine, as it had to work for them both. ‘I was keen for the design to have a slightly organic feel.’



[Source:- Ideal home]



1 Bed frame
The vintage metal bed frame with a fanciful scroll pattern is girly but also sophisticated, making it the perfect piece to grow with Mia. Oxford White CC-30 wall paint, Benjamin Moore.

2 Accessories

Playful accessories like the oversized red balloon and charming prints add a dose of youthful personality.

3 Bedding

The bedding’s mix of patterns, such as stripes and polka dots, lends it a free-spirited yet refined vibe.Bed sheets, pillowcases, striped throw, toss cushions, Au Lit Fine Linens.

4 Rug
The bold and graphic Madeline Weinrib rug was the starting point for the room’s colour scheme. Red gives just the right amount of adult sensibility to pink. Rug, Y & Co.



[Source:- styleathome]



The Benjamin hotel in New York City offers guests an extensive pillow menu. Their sleep experts tell us how to find the perfect pillow for sweet dreams.

At New York City’s The Benjamin, a luxury hotel in Midtown East, everyone takes a good night’s sleep very seriously. To that end, the hotel has instituted the Rest & Renew sleep program, which offers everything from blackout drapes to earplugs to a pillow menu. All front-desk staff are trained to help guests find the perfect pillow. This innovative program is headed by sleep medicine expert Rebecca Robbins, a professor and co-author of the book Sleep for Success!.

Here are some of Rebecca’s tips for finding the perfect pillow for the best possible sleep.

1 Spend as much as your budget can afford
“A mattress and pillow are the foundation of a good night’s sleep,” Rebecca says. “When folks come to me, I say, spend as much budget as you can afford on them. We spend one-third of life sleeping; the more tailored to your sleep and the more luxurious the pillows and mattress are, the better the quality of your sleep. It’s a win-win.” And a big part of the experience is the pillow, she says.

2 Figure out how you sleep: Side, back or stomach
“A pillow menu is increasingly common in the hospitality industry,” Rebecca says. “Often they are gimmicky, but for The Benjamin, I was very excited that we can educate guests about sleeping positions so they make informed decisions.”  Rebecca and The Benjamin segmented it into three sleeping-style types: namely, back, stomach and side sleepers. The underlying premise, according to Rebecca is that back sleepers need a firmer pillow, side sleepers a moderate-thickness pillow, and stomach sleepers need a thinner version.

3 What about “mixed” sleepers?
I explained to Rebecca my own habits: I start out on my side, and inevitably wake up on my back. “We typically say the position you start out in and feel coziest is the one you usually stay in. So you’re probably a side sleeper,” she says. “In that case I would recommend a pillow of moderate thickness,” she says. Personal preference will play a role too, she says.

4 What’s a common pillow purchasing mistake people make?
A common pillow-purchasing error: “Getting distracted by a nice package,” Rebecca says. Focusing on the size, colour, fabric, and even the brand of the pillow without awareness of how you are sleeping is a big no-no, she says. People get caught up in trends and latest-and-greatest promises, without a thought as to how they actually spend their time sleeping, resulting in a pillow choice that isn’t right for their sleep habits.

5 When is it time for a new pillow?
Pillows need to be replaced every one to two years, she says. A pillow protector will dramatically extend its life, possibly up to three years. As a reluctant pillow purchaser, I am shocked. “But I wash mine regularly even though I don’t replace them,” I protest. “That will keep the dust mites down, but try the pillow fold test,” she says. That entails folding a pillow in half. If the pillow bounces back to its flat state, it’s still good. If it stays folded in half, it’s time for it to go. “Try it tonight,” she says. I do. My clean three-year-old pillows all fail.

6 Test the new pillow
Make sure you test-drive a new pillow before purchase, Rebecca says. That means trying it out in the mattress or bedding store. “One thing to keep in mind is that price is significantly related to quality,” she says. Bargain pillows won’t be much of a bargain if they cause poor sleep or if you have to replace them quickly.

The Benjamin’s pillows
Perhaps you’ve stayed at a hotel with a pillow menu. The pillows have wry or sophisticated names and make big promises about improving the quality of your sleep, but they don’t always provide information on how to match the pillow to your sleep style. The Benjamin’s pillow offerings will give you an idea of the variety of pillows on the market today — it’s not just the feather fill of the pillow fights of yore. High-tech (and low-tech) materials, surprising ingredients and tailored shapes will take you by surprise if you haven’t shopped for a pillow lately.

Here’s how the experts at The Benjamin break it down:

Cloud 10
This pillow features a whopping 10 million air beads to keep your head cool and provide firm support for back sleepers.

If you love listening to music to put you in a restful state, but your sleep-mate objects, the Lullaby pillow is one of the coolest new offerings on the Benjamin’s pillow menu. You can actually hook up your MP3 or iPod to this thinner pillow for stomach sleepers.

Anti Snore
The Anti Snore pillow helps to lift the chin up to alleviate snoring. It’s great for back sleeping snorers as it helps to keep the airway open at night.

Swedish Memory Foam
Memory foam isn’t new on the market, and those who love it swear by it as it molds to comfortably cradle the head during sleep. This pillow is for side or back sleepers.

Water filled
Good old-fashioned water fills this pillow that is recommended for stomach sleepers. A vinyl cushion is filled with either cold or warm water and can be adjusted for firmness or support levels. It also can help reduce headaches or neck pain.

Sleep for Success side pillow
This pillow style is probably closer, in shape and description to the pillows you’re used to. Which can be a good thing if you’re a picky side sleeper looking for a pillow that is similar to the ones you’re used to. This one features a two-inch baffle design.

Sleep for Success back pillow
A firmer version of the previously mentioned side pillow, this one has a firm outer chamber and a soft center chamber.

Five-foot body cushion
Even pregnant women and post-surgery patients’ needs are considered at The Benjamin. This five-foot long cushion is great for aligning the spine and relieving joint pain.



[Source:- styleathome]