The favourite card game of India is surely rummy. It does not matter whether you live in the North of India or the South of India, rummy sure has to be in your favourite games list. There are many ways in which you can play rummy and each variation of the game is equally interesting. People most commonly play the 13 cards rummy game and it is the most popularly accepted version.

Many online sites have the option to play deals rummy. This game is most interesting because it does not end in a single round. Moreover, there is a challenge with this type of gaming that makes the player enjoy it completely.

What is Deals Rummy?

Deals rummy is the style of rummy game where the victory is decided after a certain number of deals. A deal is nothing but a round of distribution of cards for the game. So, if you are playing deals rummy, victory will be decided based on the points after the decided number of deals. This method of calculation makes the game even more challenging and interesting for the players.

What Types of Deals Rummy are Available on KhelplayRummy?

Khelplay Rummy is surely the best site to explore the different rummy alternatives online. There are three options even for deals rummy on this rummy gaming app. Here we have listed the three with further details:

  • 2 Deals Rummy Game
  • 3 Deals Rummy Game
  • 6 Deals Rummy Game

How are the 3 Deals Rummy Types Different?

In a 2 deals rummy game, the winner is decided after two rounds of rummy game. The points during each deal of rummy are calculated and listed. After the two deals, whoever has the highest score will be the loser of rummy games. In case the points of both players are the same, there will be a tie breaker round that adds to further excitement.

In a 3 deals rummy game, the winner is decided after 3 deals of rummy. The highest scorer will be the loser. If there is a tie, there will be a tie-breaker round.

Only the number of deals varies in each type of deals rummy. You have an option to pass the game at the beginning or half way through the game and penalty points will change based on when you quit the game.

Why is Deals Rummy More Exciting to Players?

Among the different types of playing rummy, deals rummy is surely most exciting. Here are some reasons why this is so:

  • Since there are more than one round to decide the winner, the game appears just to avid players
  • Since the winner will be decided after a few rounds, you won’t be too upset by one bad hand
  • Ties that happen during deals rummy make the game even more exciting
  • You also have an option to pass a game if need arises and still it won’t be quitting the game altogether

This is the reason why most people love to play rummy online in the deals rummy format. Even when people meet offline during family get-together, they choose deals rummy over any other format of the game because everyone enjoys the challenge in it.

Now, opt for rummy game free download and play this exciting variant on Khelplay Rummy app in full gusto.