6 Signs Your Commercial HVAC Needs Repairs - McNamara Custom Services

When the heat of the summer arrives in full force, you absolutely want to make sure that the air conditioning system in your building is up for the challenges ahead. Naturally, maintaining your HVAC system in advance is the best way to guarantee a nice and chill summer. Still, problems can and will arise no matter how prepared you are. If you want to be ready to tackle a problem before it gets out of hand, focus on these warning signs of HVAC trouble.

Loud or Distracting Sounds

In the past, it was common for HVAC systems to make a lot of noise, especially when operating at or near maximum output. However, technology has come a long way in recent years. This means that modern systems are usually constructed to run in a near-silent way. One of the easiest warning signs of an issue with your system is when units begin to make loud, unusual, or distracting sounds.

A Spike in Power Bills

Knowing when to contact the experts at an industrial air conditioning service Corpus Christi is about more than keeping your building nice and comfortable. It is also about ensuring you are not wasting your money on energy bills. An HVAC system that is overcompensating due to underperforming components can easily run your electric bill through the roof. If you notice a sudden spike in your expenses that doesn’t seem to make sense, it might mean your HVAC system is in need of servicing.

Strange Scents

Finally, a vent that is putting out odd odors should definitely be investigated. More often than not, unusual scents that are coming from your system are the result of blockages, leaks, and other issues that require fast response.

There are many ways to maintain your HVAC system. Pay attention to the warning signs of major issues to stay one step ahead of any problems that might come about.