Many of you out there are looking for natural alternatives for hair care products and AG Hair has recently launched just that.  They created a product line for the modern minimalists which is 98 per cent natural, vegan and with nutritional, plant-based ingredients.  This week, I tested it out.

Step 1: I started by cleansing my hair with AG’s sulphate-free Balance Shampoo and Boost Conditioner, which contains coconut oil, mango seed butter and rosehip oil to name a few.

Step 2: Next, I misted Remedy into my hair, an apple cider vinegar leave-in mist that helps to detangle, reduce frizz and adds shine.  It also balances the pH balance of the hair and is ideal for all hair types including colour treated hair.

Step 3: For a little boost of volume, I applied 2 pumps of AG’s Cloud at the roots and mid-lengths of the hair.  This product is an air light volumizing mousse that provides lift for a fine to medium hair textures

Step 4: On the ends of my hair, I applied AG Rosehip Balm, which makes the hair more manageable and helps smooth, calm and seal the hair cuticle.  This made my hair feel super soft.

Step 5: I sectioned my hair and blow dried each section with a large round brush.  I set the blow drier to a medium heat and directed the airflow downward to avoid frizz and fly-away hair.

Step 6: The end result is smooth and shiny hair that smells naturally fragrant with the benefits of essential oils. Less is more when it comes to product application and no flat ironing was required.