The warmer temperatures on the horizon, leaves returning on trees and flowers blossoming, it’s the perfect time to prepare your home for Spring. Your bedroom can be a comfortable haven that gives you peace of mind. You do not have to spend a lot of time and money to make it look and feel good. Follow these easy ways to de-clutter your bedroom just in time for the new season:

1. Start with cleaning out your dresser and closet

Take a look at your closet, dressers and clothes storage. Try on your clothes, separate the ones you still need from those you no longer wear. Separate your summer clothes from your winter clothes and put away the clothes you will not wear in summer. Create a neat pile of clothes to give away to charity.

2. Organise your shoes

If you have more shoes than storage space, make sure you regularly get rid of the shoes you no longer need. Invest in a shoe rack that you can hang inside the door of your closet or on the back of your bedroom door. You can also buy a shoe rack that zips up so that you can store seasonal shoes under your bed. You can also use tension rods to hang up your shoes if you have enough space for them.  

3. Keep your room smelling fresh and clean

Mix a bunch of essential oils in a mason jar, get a linen spray or a room spray, buy fresh flowers or scented candles to keep your room smelling fresh.

4. Make sure you invest in some easy storage facilities

Baskets, boxes, stackable drawers, suitcases and zip-up bags can provide great storage alternatives if you want to keep your bedroom organised. You can paint old boxes and use as storage for cosmetics, clothes and items you want to keep in your bedroom. You can also store seasonal clothes and shoes in suitcases and bags and tuck them away at the top of your closet so that they do not get dusty.

5. Wash, clean and dust your bedroom regularly

Keep a mini-garbage that you can empty out regularly if you enjoy snacking in your room. Wash your bedding on a regular basis. Vacuum your carpet or clean your floors once or twice a week. Sweep under your bed and dust surfaces. Spray and wipe your walls and replace light bulbs when they run out.

How often should you be cleaning your bedroom?

  • Once a day, make sure you dust, wipe surfaces as well as air out your bedroom.
  • Once a week, make sure you tidy the cupboards and empty out the trash.
  • Make sure you sweep or vacuum your floor carpets or rugs once or twice a week.
  • Wash your bed-sheets and pillowcases weekly. Change your bedding every two weeks.
  • Clean under your bed weekly

Declutter your bedroom checklist:

Here is a list of items you should get rid of:

    • Clothes and shoes that have not been used for years
    • Broken items and appliances that cannot be fixed
    • Towels that are torn and can no longer be used
    • Power chords and electrical equipment that has been broken for too long
    • Broken items such as mirrors or lamps