When a cooling fan needs to be pulled away from an engine, you will obviously need some kind of fan puller tool to ensure it is done not only properly but safely as well. Most experts agree that the best tool for this type of job is a fan clutch removal tool. Here is a brief explanation about how to use one for those who have never had the chance to before.

1. Open the hood on the vehicle where the fan is located. In the center of the engine, there will be a fan attached to the clutch with a pulley attached to that. There will be bolts holding the fan down.

2. Take the fan puller tool and hook it around one of the bolts so that it is tight against it. The pivot arm should then be positioned so that it is next to the closest nut. The tool should be able to keep both of them in place at one time.

3. The next step is to use the included wrench to loosen the hex-head shaft. This shaft will be on the fan clutch. Loosen the clutch with the wrench while at the same keeping the other fan puller tool steady in your hands. Occasionally the tool may slip from the nut if the grip is not tight enough or if the angle is wrong. In these cases, it is best to either flip the tool over to achieve a better angle or pinch the two pieces of the fan puller tool together to achieve a stronger and more usable grip.

As you can see here, using this type of tool is really quite easy, even for those who have never used one before. Best of luck in removing the fan, it should go very easy!