If you think the best time to buy appliances is on Black Friday, you’re on the right track. But there’s more to know!

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Sure, Black Friday is marketed as a fantastic time to pick up appliances at bargain prices. (It’s also a great day to stay home and bake Christmas cookies.) But the perfect day to buy the refrigerator, range or TV you need might not be Black Friday after all. Fortunately, the price of appliances changes throughout the year in a fairly predictable pattern. Here’s our guide to the best time to buy appliances.


Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) through Cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving) is certainly a sweet spot for great deals on refrigerators, like these high-tech models. But keep your eye out for the previous year’s models on closeout starting in May when the new models launch. July 4th is a hot time to buy refrigerators too, because retailers lower their prices to bring shoppers out of the sun and into their stores. Keep that brand-new refrigerator neat and tidy with 7 genius tips.


Look for dishwasher prices to hit their low on Black Friday, which is the proverbial cherry on the ice cream sundae. The average price of a dishwasher actually declines all year long on the way to Black Friday, with significant savings on July 4th and Labor Day.


You’ll start to find great deals on ranges throughout the summer, with the numbers dipping ever lower after July 4th. The exception is pro-style ranges, whose prices tend to remain consistent all year. (Whoa. This is what a $4,500 range looks like.)


The price of TVs, on average, will hit rock bottom on Cyber Monday. But if you wait until the New Year to think about buying a new TV, hold off until two weeks before the Super Bowl, which is the next best time to find bargains. From early March through May, you’ll find lots of closeouts on the prior year’s top-selling sets as retailers make way for new models.

Power Tools

You’ll see deals of up to 60 percent off from October onward, with peak savings from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. But be sure to check out the sales leading up to Father’s Day and Christmas. It looks like woodworking tools tend to go on sale in February and March (when people are still working indoors).