living room furniture buyer's guide

From the bedroom to the home office, buying new furniture is an important investment. When it comes to living room furniture, it’s vital that you choose pieces that you’ll enjoy for many years to come. Be sure to visit our living room furniture store in Indianapolis today to discover a wide range of unique styles, and to get inspiration for your space. Before you take the plunge, read on for a living room furniture buyer’s guide, so you can make the right choice for your home and your lifestyle.

Start with Size and Layout

The size of your living room will be the main factor when you’re looking for living room furniture like sofas and tables. Measure the dimensions of your living room, making note of the length and width in feet. Use this information to help you choose furniture that’s in proper proportion to the room. Pieces that are too big will make the space feel crowded. Furniture that’s too small will look as if it’s been swallowed whole and can give your living room a cold, empty look. Note the dimensions of the furniture you like best, then determine how it’ll fit into the living room, and where it should be placed. This is a good jump-off point since it will help you narrow down your choices to items that will actually work well in the amount of space you have.

Determine Your Design Style

Any living room furniture buyer’s guide should include figuring out what style you like best. Whether it’s sleek and modern, rustic, industrial, or classic, knowing your personal style is key to a beautiful space. Explore the range of options at our living room furniture store in Indianapolis to help you decide which style you prefer the most. Just make sure that whatever you choose, it blends nicely with whatever you already have at home. Sofas with a low-profile design and tapered legs are perfect for a modern living space. Something boasting cabriole legs, button tufting, and carved wood accents are ideal if you’re aiming to give your living room a traditional aesthetic.

Think About Functionality

The living room is where most people spend the bulk of their free time at home. Make sure your living room furniture gives you the amount of functionality you need to make this space appealing. If you have the room, consider sectionals instead of sofas and individual chairs. A sectional offers you lots of room to stretch out and relax, and it’s also great for entertaining a lot of guests together at once. Storage furniture is also a must in any living room. Try a beautiful storage bench, a pair of bookcases, or an entertainment center with shelves and drawers to help you maximize every item you buy. The more functionality your furniture has, the more you’ll enjoy using it and using your living room.

Consider Color

Today’s living room furniture comes in more colors and finishes than ever before. Choose your colors carefully, particularly when you’re picking out large upholstered pieces. A solid neutral color is always feasible no matter what style your living room is. You can always liven things up with some fun throw pillows or a cheerful area rug and window treatments. If you absolutely must have a pattern on your furniture, keep it minimized to just one or two pieces rather than every single item in the room. Alternatively, choose a subtle pattern like a classic stripe or a muted floral so that the new furniture doesn’t visually overtake everything else in your living room. Dark colors may make the room feel smaller, while lighter colors can open things up and make it look roomier.

Never Skimp on Quality

Since furniture is a big investment in your home, it’s vital to choose items with quality materials and durable construction. Sectionals and sofas with a hardwood frame should last for many years. Pick out furniture that’s easy to care for and to keep clean. Seek out upholstery materials that won’t tear, rip, or stain, especially if you live in a household with pets or kids. The more durable and easy to care for the furniture is, the longer it will hold up. Ask questions about the construction and materials of the furniture you’re interested in before you buy so that it serves you well long into the future.