Wallpaper sometimes gets rather bad press. People wrinkle their noses, mutter things like ‘grannyish’ and protectively clutch their tins of white paint. Although there is a time and place for pale minimalism (heck, we have an entire gallery dedicated to the subject), we think it’s time for wallpaper to have a comeback. Too often it is relegated to the downstairs loo. Why not use it to line your bedroom or living room? It has the power to make small spaces look cosy, not cramped, and larger rooms grand instead of stark.

We’ve gathered together our favourite papered rooms for your delectation. Will you choose a cheery floral or modern graphic number, paper which has been surface-printed, digitally printed or hand-painted? Will you paper one wall or all four? We prefer the latter – if you’re going to get wet, you might as well go swimming…

  • Palm Stripe
  • Etched Arcadia
  • Scenes Siciliennes
  • Palermo Apple
  • Marlowe Floral
  • L'Eden
  • Midnight Birds
  • Jasper Peony
  • Snow Tree
  • Seaweed Lace
  • The India Paper
  • Willow


[Source:- Houseandgarden]