Smart ways to secure your home

With summer approaching and holidays on the horizon, now’s a great time to ensure your home and garden security is as savvy as can be. Consider these easy and effective tips to make your home safe and secure and get peace of mind whether you’re out for a night at your local restaurant or soaking up the sun and sipping a cocktail abroad…


Checking up on your home while you’re out and about from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet is now easier than ever before. Panasonic’s Home Monitoring Twin Camera Kit KX-HNS102 features alarm sensors and indoor and outdoor cameras to give you footage of your home and garden via the dedicated Smart Home app. With one swipe of your smart device you can access a video of your home’s interior and exterior, so you’ll instantly know if there’s an intruder in your home or if your cats are clawing away at that fabulous new rug you bought for the living room. Hopefully not! You can also link to the system and use your smart device for two-way communication – this comes in handy for letting the postman know where to leave a parcel when you’re not home for example, or for communicating with other household members.


Take a good look around the exterior of your home and in your garden and consider what could be used to break in. Are there ladders and tools within easy reach, for example? If so, lock them safely away. Then take a moment to hide anything they could get their hands on inside – keep important ID documents and car keys hidden away from doors, letterboxes and windows, for example.


According to Safewise, a surprising 30% of burglars enter homes through unlocked doors and windows, without having to use force, so a little common sense can go a long way. For those with multi-locking door handles, the MET Police’s advice is to Lift, Lock and Remove. This means you should lift the handle, lock it with the key and remove the key, storing it in a safe place but out of sight. Don’t forget to secure unlocked back and side gates in the garden and fit sheds and garages with a decent lock too. Locks with alarms fitted in them are an inexpensive option and a very effective idea.


When you’re away from home, use timer switches and smart plugs that are linked to lights and audio, such as a radio, to deter intruders so they think that someone is at home. You’ll find a smart plug in Panasonic’s KX-HNS102 kit and a DECT-enabled hub unit that wirelessly connects to its range of clever Smart Home devices as far as 300m away. Use the kit to control the lighting and audio in your home, turning it on and off remotely using your smart device. It comes in useful when you’re at home too, letting you turn on the music, dim the lights and feel as relaxed as you did on your summer holidays.


[Source: Panasonic]