La Tête dans les étoiles' loft bedroom is a typical tiny house style but with one...

La Tête dans les étoiles (or Head in the stars), is one of the most unusual tiny houses we’ve seen in a while. It’s topped by a roof that slides to open up the bedroom to the elements. The off-grid towable home also features solar panels and a rainwater collection system.

La Tête dans les étoiles measures 7.2 m (23.6 ft)-long, including a small terrace area, and is 2.55 m (8.3 ft)-wide. It’s based on a double-axle trailer and is clad in spruce.

Visitors enter into a living area with a daybed and folding office desk that has some storage space and a chair. Nearby is a folding dining table that seats three, as well as a kitchen with a sink, propane-powered cooker, fridge, and some cupboard space. Finally, at the far end of the home lies a bathroom with a shower and sink, and a separate toilet.

The loft bedroom is reached by staircase and looks like a pretty standard tiny house-style bedroom at first glance, however the roof can be unlocked to allow the owner to manually slide it open and sleep under the stars, or perhaps get some sun if the weather’s nice.

Visitors to La Tête dans les étoiles are greeted with a living area that contains a...

The tiny house gets power from a roof-based solar panel array and features a rainwater capture system with built-in pump and filter for use for drinking. Water is heated with gas and the home is warmed with a gas heater.

The model shown is a display unit and has been used as bed and breakfast accommodation. Reflecting this, builder Optinid is selling it at a reduced price of €47,000 (around US$54,000), but the home usually starts at €54,000 ($62,500).