Sensory, a company that creates artificial intelligence for edge computing, announced today the release of a specialized version of its TrulyNatural speech recognition platform for home appliances.

The technology can be used by appliance manufacturers to add voice control functionality to their devices. According to Sensory’s press announcement, the company’s speech processing is all done on the edge, meaning on the device itself, instead of in the cloud. In addition to not requiring the addition of a WiFi component, Sensory says this edge processing means its technology “enables a safe, secure, consistent, reliable and easy to implement experience for the end-user, free of requiring any extra apps or WIFI to be setup or operational.”

You can see Sensory’s technology in action in a microwave in the company’s promotional video.

This makes Sensory’s voice recognition different from the Amazon voice controlled smart oven, which requires a paired Echo device in order to execute voice commands.

Additionally, Sensory says it’s edge-based approach means that appliances using its voice recognition technology are more secure and private because commands do not leave the device, nor are they ever stored. Privacy became a bigger concern for voice assistants this year, as we learned that both Amazon and Google have actual human contractors listening in on some of our conversations with these devices to better train their respective AIs. So the idea of having a “smart” device that doesn’t collect user data could be a key differentiator and selling point in the appliance market.

Sensory’s technology will be on display in the Midea microwave at the upcoming CES. TrulyNatural currently supports U.S. English, with more languages coming in the next year.