The renown Israeli architect Pitsou Kedem present us with its newest project the S house and its “bounded only by the skyline“ architecture and design. Despite its modernistic appearance, the house has an airy elegance and fresh lightness typical for many of the other projects of the architectural studio. The way that the house combines the row presence of the concrete structures, the fragileness of the many glass constructs and the dark blue of the water and the sky seems effortless and natural and is something of a signature touch for the architects.

The interior decor of the house with its spaciousness, bespoke fittings, and contemporary furniture arrangement offers the comfort of modern life style combined with unostentatious artistry and innovative spirit. From the shutter-like walls of wood that surround the property to the rotating glass doors (inviting you to enter a space like a gallery) the house design endorse the sensation of blurred boundaries between surrounding and privet experience. Natural materials palette (wood, stone, iron and glass) entwines elegantly with smooth textures, innovative materials, and dashes of bold color elements. The open spaces and contemporary minimalism of the premises offer free flow expense and clearness of expression for the decor.

[Source: Interiorzine]