One of the greatest things about landscape design is the ability to customize an area to fit your style. No two landscapes are alike and with the endless variety of landscaping products, you can create a space that fits your current mood. Another great thing about landscaping is versatility. If you decide you no longer like a certain plant, simply replace it with a different one. Here are some tips for planning and executing a beautiful landscape.

Design Principles

It’s helpful to think about landscape design as a form of art. You’re not just throwing plants in the ground; you’re creating a visual masterpiece. Artistic terms such as form, texture and color come in to play when designing your landscape. A good way to get an idea of what type of landscape design you like is to notice the landscapes wherever you go. Be more observant in your neighborhood, local parks, business offices and church buildings. Planning ahead can save you time and money before implementing your landscape.

Gardening Supplies

Finding quality gardening supplies Washington County OR is easy and affordable. A family-owned landscape company can provide you with the products and services necessary to turn your design in to a reality. Professional landscape suppliers can also answer questions about specific plants and products to ensure they will work in the area you’ve selected.

Hardscape and Softscape

A beautiful landscape combines both hardscape and softscape materials. Hardscape basically refers to anything non-living. Rocks, stones, pavers, concrete, fences and more are included in the hardscape category. Softscape materials includes anything living such as trees, perennials, annuals, etc. Hardscape and softscape complement each other to create a beautiful landscape so be sure to include both elements in your design.

When designing your landscape, be sure to consider design principles, find quality gardening supplies and select a good balance of hardscape and softscape materials.