“Patera became born of my fascination with the Fibonacci collection. you may find the spiral pattern anyplace you appearance in nature – inside the seed formation in sunflowers and pine cones, as an instance – and it has formerly stimulated Leonardo da Vinci, Johan Sebastian Bach and lots of other great artists from history,” relates Oivind Slaatto concerning the source of suggestion for his new mild.
“Patera is supposed to serve as a present day chandelier – a light that unifies the distance and makes any room a extra human place to spend time in.” The ball-shaped pendant floats like an impressive focal factor inside the room, spreading light in all instructions. before everything look, it appears to be only a white, perforated ball, however closer inspection reveals its detailed layout presenting a number of circles, angles, and holes.
How people understand mild turned into a key attention in the design of the new version, which arose from a close operating courting with Louis Poulsen. Øivind Slaatto is short to confess that Poul Henningsen – who labored with Louis Poulsen to create various design icons which include the famous PH Artichoke and the 3shade lightingwas his mentor in absentia.
Patera emits a smooth, fine mild, whose mystery lies in its complicated design: the light consists of a spread of otherwise placed cells, which make sure that the proper angles are applied to the visor traces of the mild and guard in opposition to all unpleasant glare. at the identical time, the structure staggers the visible center of Patera, consistently offering new impressions of the light when considered from extraordinary angles.
Patera emits a soft, satisfactory mild, whose secret lies in its complex design: the mild consists of a variety of in another way positioned cells, which make certain that an appropriate angles are implemented to the visor lines of the light and protect towards all unsightly glare. on the equal time, the shape staggers the visible middle of Patera, continually supplying new impressions of the light while considered from different angles.