Nest Thermostat now comes in black, white and copper

Nest Thermostat looks good. It’s hard not to spot it on the wall and appreciate the simplicity of the design, compared to the off-white plastic thermostat of yesteryear.

Nest has announced that the Thermostat is now available in three more colours, in addition to the stainless steel version that’s already available.

The three new colours are black, white and copper. But beauty is more than just skin deep. This isn’t just a case of painting, or providing a coloured cover for the existing devices.

Instead, Nest has taken care to ensure that the application and finish of these colours will fit in with the high-quality interior of your home.

The white, for example, is pure and simple, but takes 48 hours of baking in the oven to get the finish perfect.

The black finish has a carbon coating and contains silicon, carbon and titanium. It’s hard wearing, scratch-resistant and is oleophobic, so greasy fingers don’t leave marks on it. It’s a similar coating to the black Apple Watch.

Finally you have copper, which we have to say is turning into the technology color du jour. In this case, to ensure the rich copper colouring, the copper is electroplated on steel.

The new coloured Nests will be available through, and at John Lewis. The Nest Thermostat costs £199 standalone, or £249 with installation.


[Source:- pocket-lint]