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It might look cute in a Kleenex ad but any parent will tell you that chasing a child armed with a roll of toilet paper around the bathroom (or worse still – the house) is anything but fun…

Thankfully, a Sydney mum has shared a simple hack to keep that from happening and filmed her fabe trick.

In the video captioned, “go on little troublemakers. Do your worst”, Kimberly Bosley showed her two boys trying to create chaos in the bathroom.

However, the adorable tots were prevented from causing any major damage by one simple object: enter the humble hair tie.

“Wish I had known this when the girls were younger”

Kimberley secured the tie around the toilet paper roll preventing her sons from removing the paper from the roll.

She also locked the bathroom cupboard using some of the boys own plastic toys to prevent the little monkeys from wreaking ALL the havoc.

The video was shared online, gaining rave reviews from other thankful parents.

“Wish I had of known this when the girls were younger,” one mum wrote on Facebook.

“Love it! Now find me one for the toothpaste tube, PUHLEASE!” another added.

Other mums weren’t so impressed…

Other parents were sceptical that the simple accessory would be enough to stop their kids causing trouble.

“How is a hair tie going to stop the kids from ripping toilet paper everywhere?? They will just pull the hair tie off. The only way to stop this from happening is to keep your children out the toilet,” one mum wrote.

“I have a trick…close the door,” another parent added.

“I just nailed the doors shut. Saved a lot of cleaning time as well,” one dad joked.