Kim Kardashians bathroom sinks might have cost her Rs 18 lakh Photo: Instagram

Kim Kardashians bathroom sinks might have cost her Rs 18 lakh

Reality TV mogul, Kim Kardashian recently opened her home for her viewers during a video interview. Her special furniture choices in the bathroom led to a frenzy on social media.

Architects and interior designers are guessing that the price of her bathroom basins might go up to Rs 18 lakh.

A recent video interview of Kim Kardashian with an entertainment website went viral. While answering the interviewer, the reality TV queen gave a tour of her home which has been a mystery for the longest time.

The video went viral because during the video Kim Kardashian took her viewers into her ginormous sized bathroom and showed the wash basins which were actually without ‘basins’.

After that, Twitter went into a frenzy and everybody wanted to know how those bathroom sinks work. Kim Kardashian West took the matters into her hand when she put up an Instagram story explaining how exactly her bathroom sinks function.

She spoke about how her husband and rapper, Kanye West drew these sinks along with their interior designer, Axel Vervoordt and architect, Claudio Silverstrin.

Kim says in order to get the correct angle, 8 prototype versions of these sinks were made. She says, “It does actually slightly slope down.”

She further adds, “There is a slit for the water, you can use it on high pressure and there is no backsplash.”

Tamara Day, who is the host of HGTV’s Bragain Mansions in an interview to another entertainment magazine gave an estimate for those bathroom sinks. And the number that she gave was Rs 17,88,852 (USD 25750).

Yes, that is correct. And to think that 8 prototypes were made. (Mind = Blown)

Day also said, “It’s a tricky balance getting the slope just right without severe angles, so the water stays in one place! Only the best fabricator can accomplish this.

Twitter has some of the best reactions for her bathroom sinks and the amount that she paid for them.