Looking out at a beautiful green lawn can be such a calming experience that it’s easy to forget how much work it takes to keep it green. Anything you can do to reduce the workload will give you more time for that calming experience. One of the most effective ways to reduce the workload is by installing and using a sprinkler system st louis.

Irrigating by Hand

If you’ve been manually irrigating your lawn, then you know what a hassle it is to make sure your entire lawn is watered evenly and sufficiently. You’ll be familiar with turning on your sprinklers, then perhaps getting engaged in another activity and forgetting about the sprinklers. And when you return, you sometimes find parts of your yard have become small ponds. Or maybe you’re very organized and have a system for timing how long each sprinkler will be at each location. When your smartphone alarms go off you return to move the sprinklers to the yet unirrigated parts. Either way, it can be a lot of work.

Irrigating by Time of Day

Horticulture experts agree that the best time to water your lawn is in the morning. Early morning watering gives the soil time to absorb the water and gives plants enough water to face the heat of the day. Furthermore, the temperatures and winds tend to be lower, so there is less evaporation, less wasted water, and more savings on your water bills.

In contrast, irrigating during the daytime when the sun and heat are peaking wastes water because much of it is evaporated. Watering in the evening may not give leaves enough time to dry before nightfall because water is unlikely to evaporate under the cooler evening temperatures. Worst of all, depending on the plant, wet leaves at night may make the plant susceptible to fungal and bacterial diseases.

A green lawn and thriving foliage are welcome sights after a long day. Why lengthen that day with the work of manual irrigation? Both you and your plants will be happier and healthier when you use an automatic sprinkler system.