You’ve decided to give your bedroom a full-scale makeover, and you’ve got lots to do. With the paint color and fabric choices all set to go, you might find yourself stumped when it comes to lighting. Think both from a practical and stylistic standpoint to get the right combination of fixtures. Your choices should illuminate your room in a unique and personal way.

Make a Statement

With home lighting ideas, there is nothing more fabulous than seeing a grand chandelier as you enter the room. Not only is this the perfect focal point, but it can ground the room by defining the absolute center. Position the bed below it for maximum impact.

A central light fixture is also a good opportunity to tie in the room’s décor theme. When choosing your chandelier, you can do something elegant and traditional or a design that’s funkier and more modern. Pick whatever suits you best.

Reach Every Corner

Some people prefer more ambient or subtle lighting, while others want a system that lights every spot of the bedroom. Recessed bulbs are a good choice in this instance, because they can be spread throughout the ceiling to hit each corner. You can adjust the brightness with different bulb wattage to get just the right amount of light.

Don’t Forget Task Lights

If you’re the type that likes to work, read, write or do other tasks in bed, you’ll need targeted lighting at your bedside. Doing these activities in dark areas can hurt your eyes or give you a headache. Reading lights, lamps or sconces bring light down from the ceiling, so you can direct it where you need it the most.

As you weight your options, make sure you’ve got every lighting need covered. The good news is that you don’t have to choose just one source. You can use chandeliers, sconces, lamps or whatever you find the most inviting.