Gardeners are notoriously self-sufficient folk. Growing seasonal bounties of food and creating beautiful outdoor spaces requires knowledge, skill, resolve and a general willingness to roll up your sleeves and tackle a challenge head on. The result is that many committed gardeners try to take on every task alone, resulting in stress or fatigue that detracts from the joy of tending to your crops, flowers and orchards. These guideposts will help you decide which garden tasks you want to handle yourself and which to outsource to a local expert so you can save your energy and time for what you love most.

Outsource Activities That Require Specialized Equipment

Some gardening tasks require particularly large quantities of elbow grease. Sure, you could turn over the soil of your brand new half-acre vegetable garden yourself. Or you could hire your neighbor with a BCS Tractor to get the job done for you in a fraction of the time with a fraction of the aches and pains. Keep your body healthy and whole for the long haul by outsourcing jobs that are best done by folks with the equipment they need to do it quickly. You don’t have to grow, harvest and haul your own mulching straw. There is likely a community member with bale spear tractor supply resources available to them who can handle the heavy lifting for you.

Outsource Activities That Require Specialized Expertise

While gardening is both a science and an art, some gardening activities definitely benefit from special monitoring and technical equipment. Depending on your goals, your backyard compost heap may be exactly what you need to maintain soil fertility. If, however, you have specific compost requirements like nutrient density and chemical-free guarantees, buying in compost made by experts may be the safer path forward.

Gardening has traditionally been a community activity in which individuals contribute their own areas of interest and expertise to the group effort of growing beautiful food and flowers. With these guideposts in hand, you’ll be able to grow your best garden yet with the support of your community.