David Linton, Gerrald Lacey and Colie Knoke on the set of Everlast vs. Neverlast discussing why some commercial flooring lasts for a long time while other floors Never last.

LAKE CITY, Fla.Jan. 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — David Linton, Founder of Everlast® Epoxy, recently signed a production deal to create the first season of a brand new online TV show that will be filmed in the Ambitious Media Studios in Winter Park, FL.  The show, Everlast Flooring Vs. Neverlast Flooring, hosted by David Linton, will be 13 episodes and focuses on the power, strength and durability of Everlast® Epoxy Flooring. The show will be exposing some of the weaknesses of the types of flooring that will Neverlast. With so many options when it comes to your floors in commercial kitchens, public restrooms, high traffic areas, institutional facilities etc. there is one common thread – you want your floors to last. The show is hosted by company founder and president David Linton, along with his co-hosts Colie and Gerry who take you on a journey to discover which floors will Everlast and which floors will simply Neverlast.

The show will be distributed on The Success Network, available on Apple TV, Roku and Amazon as well as Facebook and YouTube.

Everlast Flooring Vs. Neverlast Flooring is set to release in the Spring of 2018.

Linton was signed for this production deal because of his expertise on the flooring industry, which makes him an asset to Ambitious® Media Group and The Success Network and will surely benefit a wide range of viewers.

About David Linton and Everlast® Epoxy:

Prior to founding Everlast® Epoxy, David Linton had owned both a retail flooring store and a commercial flooring contracting business. When his contract flooring business first started out, his team spent the bulk of their time tearing out tons of two- and three-year-old quarry tile just to replace it with new quarry tile. “It was a vicious cycle for our customers, and we couldn’t help but wonder: if the tile didn’t work the first time, why would it work a SECOND time?” David said.

“Floors should last—it was an idea we could all get behind. But it was clear to us that the solutions on the market at the time weren’t getting the job done. So, we did something about it.”

It started with a simple goal: create a better flooring solution for their restaurant clients. The team toured facilities, visited restaurants and checked every option out there, finally deciding that epoxy flooring had the most potential—but it hadn’t yet reached it’s potential. While epoxy resins were clearly tough, the floors we inspected still had suspiciously low lifespans.

Working with their own experts and a team of scientists, they quickly discovered the problem. There weren’t enough resins in finished epoxy floors to provide the “permanent” durability that restaurants needed. To cut costs and line their own pockets, manufacturers were using an excess amount of aggregate and skimping on resins. And those resins? They weren’t designed for commercial kitchen use.

After this discovery, the team set out to develop their own resins—specifically for restaurant kitchen use. Their floor formula contains some of the strongest and most expensive resins around. One of the ingredients in the Everlast® Floor is also used in the construction of F-16 fighter jets as a way to add toughness without adding to the weight by using heavy metals such as steel. So as you might imagine, their floors are well armored for some of the toughest conditions imaginable!

Then they created “kits” that contained the correct amounts of resin—and refused to sell more aggregate than resins call for. They refuse, even though they’ve been asked numerous times, to sell more aggregate than is needed for the resin. Many other companies sell the resins separately – which they feel is a huge mistake because this gives the flooring contractors the ability to skimp on the resins and still get the whole floor covered. They wouldn’t—and they won’t—compromise quality for profit.

Once word got out on how well their Everlast® Floor was performing in restaurants, they started getting requests for durable floors for other uses. So the team formulated new solutions and added many new flooring products to their line of flooring solutions. And that was the beginning of today’s Everlast® Epoxy.

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