Bedroom décor is something that has been truly underrated. There is more to a bedroom than just four walls, a nightstand and a cosy bed; the room also represents who you are as a person – whether you are a tidy freak or a hopeful fanatic or someone with big dreams – the walls of your bedroom will say it all. Apart from giving it a personal touch, here is how you can put up a tastefully made up room.

Fairy lightsDebunking
This might seem like something that a teenager would do, but nothing can beat the ambience that fairy lights can create in a room. Wrap them around a fake plant, put them in a bottle or hang them across a wall to have an instantly pretty-looking, Instagram-worthy bedroom.

Polaroid pictures
Another way to personalise that lone wall is to put up a selection of Polaroid pictures. Call it what you may, but a themed photo wall will fetch you many compliments. Search for DIY pins on Pinterest to get creative ways to hang your pictures.

Décor shelves
Décor shelves are again, very subjective. Play around with the colours, themes that you like and and mount a creative piece of wood to make that elaborate wall shelf. Do not stop with that, place miniatures, vases, books and little collectibles that you would display to your guests.

Tapestries are a great way to make a wall look lively with minimal effort. Select a colourful mandala or vibrantly coloured block printed fabric, pin it on the wall and complete the look with some artfully chosen lamps.

bedroom decorPlants and wall grids
Adding a little green to your room can instantly transform its vibe. If you are not a fan of getting up in the morning to water them, go to the mart and grab some beautiful fake flowers. Mount them against a wall grid, and your wall is done. Use the wall grid to pin memos, photos and even create mini shelves.