Dave Gorman

We have some baddish (well actually very bad) news. Dave Gorman has called time on his stand-up comedy show Modern Life is Goodish.

But in a blog announcing his decision, Gorman has explained there’s no hard feelings – the workload was just too crazily intense and completely unsustainable. And there was no way around it.

That was the final episode of Modern Life is #Goodish.
However, all the episodes will live on, possibly forever, on @UKTVPlay. A huge thank you to @DaveGorman for giving us so many brilliant shows over the years.

“Here’s the thing: as lucky as I am to have an almost unique opportunity to do the thing that I love, in the form that I love, on the telly… it’s also bloody demanding in terms of time,” he says.

In the hectic few weeks before each recording, the comedian would disappear into his shed and work non-stop until the show was ready.

“Three or four times a week during that time I start work at 10am, work through to 5am try to get some sleep… and am at my desk by 10am later that morning to carry on,” he writes.

“And while it doesn’t happen every time, there are plenty of occasions where I work through the night and into the next day without sleep because I won’t meet the deadlines otherwise. And it’s simply not possible to keep doing that without making yourself ill.”