Home builders and homeowners alike want the materials used in their homes to be strong and beautiful. With all the changing weather patterns and natural disasters in the news recently, it’s especially important to use materials that can withstand stress. If you want a home that’s made of strong materials, but don’t want to sacrifice aesthetic appeal, then try using residential concrete in Charlotte, NC. Beyond its great strength, concrete can be customized in ways you might not expect.

Concrete Strength

Due to its durability and other structural characteristics, concrete is the most widely used man-made material in the world. There are many reasons concrete is ideal for use in residential construction, including:

  • Concrete becomes stronger over time.
  • Concrete is fire resistant.
  • Concrete is low maintenance.
  • When used as pavement, concrete reflects the sun’s heat, so it stays cool. (This feature makes it a great surface for patio and pool areas.)

Concrete Aesthetics

In addition to these great physical properties, concrete can also add class and aesthetic appeal to your home. By customizing the physical appearance of concrete, you can create a beautiful environment for entertaining guests or just relaxing with your family. The surface of concrete can be stained any color. It can also be customized by embedding decorative materials such as glass or pebbles. Concrete can also be stamped, which impresses a customized pattern. Stamped concrete patios with custom colors add a unique design element to your outdoor area. Decorative concrete floors are very popular too. These can be customized with color stains as well as embedded decorative materials, and even polished.

There are many variations available for beautifying concrete structures. If you thought concrete had great strength but little appeal for decor, then it’s time to look at current trends that customize concrete elements to give your home a touch of elegance and charm.