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Axo Light Partner of The Within Light – Inside Glass Exhibition

Light as opposed to darkness and as a source of consciousness. Glass as a light-like material, that can shape it with reflections and refractions. A medium that places visible and invisible in contact highlighting the light and elevating it to art. Promoted by Vicarte

Balamp – a Smart Bedside Lamp

Andrea Cingoli Italian designer wins the International iF Design Award 2016 prize in the lighting product category with Balamp, a smart occasional table or bedside lamp that works just like a balance: it turns on and off on the based on the weight of

Innovative Materials and Refined Silhouette at Mayfair Lamp by VIBIA

Past and future come together in the present, bringing modern advances to the essential and authentic values of the past. The Mayfair collection by VIBIA is designed to improve the illumination of private spaces, by integrating traditional elements, reinterpreted through technological progress.    The original

Young Bachelor Apartment in Rio de Janeiro

While composing the decor of this apartment in Rio de Janeiro the designers from studio ro+ca were searching for a fusion between near – the beach chill vibe and dynamic urban experience. In this project, created for a young bachelor, they achieved that by

Fixtures Meets mild: Empty by means of VIBIA

With the fixtures Meets the mild idea, VIBIA transforms the way light is blended with furniture and complements outdoors spaces which includes gardens and terraces. Sculptural and practical pieces that during the day end up beneficial gadgets of furnishings serving different purposes while also

Furniture Meets light – VIBIA collection

With the furnishings meets light concept, VIBIA transforms the way in which light is blended with furnishings and complements outdoors areas such as gardens and terraces. Sculptural and functional portions that during the day emerge as beneficial items of furniture serving different functions whilst

Stand by means of Me Lamp with the aid of Tarapera

Stand via Me Lamp made by using herbal materials are blended via a manner that combines the commercial with the hand-crafted. With wood strength and iron will, I stand with the aid of you so I allow you to make out words and give

Balamp – a smart Bedside Lamp

Andrea Cingoli Italian fashion designer wins the worldwide iF layout Award 2016 prize inside the lights product class with Balamp, a smart occasional table or bedside lamp that works similar to a balance: it activates and rancid on the based on the weight of

Giant out of doors collection via Anglepoise

Anglepoise unveil a new, better, and substantially extended massive collection, inclusive of the first giant out of doors series, a new massive wall mounted lamp with variations for indoor and out of doors use. For the first time, the original 1227™ large has been

Oivind Slaatto Created a brand new unusual Patera mild for Louis Poulsen

“Patera became born of my fascination with the Fibonacci collection. you may find the spiral pattern anyplace you appearance in nature – inside the seed formation in sunflowers and pine cones, as an instance – and it has formerly stimulated Leonardo da Vinci, Johan