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This may just be the most modern treehouse escape ever

Whether one wants to enjoy a good novel, go swimming or take in the stupendous views, the Willow Treehouse, just 15 minutes from the town of Woodstock in New York, proves to an amazing escape. Overlooking the pond, this futuristic wooden building was designed

How to awaken your curiosity with travel – tips from a modern wayfarer

Henry Miller once famously wrote: “One’s destination is never a place, but rather a new way of looking at things.” That was over 60 years ago, yet still holds true today. Travel broadens the mind, opens us up to new experiences and changes how

This is what modern Holocaust denial looks like. No wonder British Jews are so scared

In 1959, accepting an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, the Jewish comedian Jack Benny said: “I don’t deserve this award, but then I have arthritis and I don’t deserve that either.” In doing this, he summed up the experience of living

Elliott Hundley’s painting at the Broad puts ancient history under a modern magnifying glass

Time is fluid and malleable in Elliott Hundley’s three dimensional, mixed-media painting “the high house low!” (2011), an explosion of color and texture that sucks the viewer into a visual drama sparking with fire and rage. The four-panel assemblage work measuring more than 16

Modern-day slavery costs UK up to £4.3bn a year, says Home Office

The Home Office is to launch an independent review of modern slavery laws after its own research revealed the crime costs the UK up to £4.3bn a year. The report, published on Monday, estimates that each instance of the crime costs around £330,000, including

‘Downton Abbey’ director Jeremy Webb drops almost $2.4 million on modern Mar Vista home

Director Jeremy Webb, best known for his Emmy-nominated work on “Downton Abbey,” has snapped up a contemporary pad on the Westside for $2.375 million. Far from the Yorkshire manors featured in the hit PBS series, the Mar Vista home offers a clean-cut floor plan

The forgotten British-Asian physician who changed modern medicine

Before Frederick Akbar Mahomed, the world did not know that human life could be prolonged by reducing blood pressure. The 19th century doctor from Brighton, England, did pioneering research into nephritis and hypertension, and helped introduce the British Medical Association’s collective investigation record, and yet

Trend alert: Sarees get a modern twist

A saree is arguably the classiest outfit to wear whether it be to a dinner or a wedding and it never goes out of style. However, the otherwise traditional saree has in recent times seen designers experimenting with it and replacing the petticoat with

11 modern trends that people can’t wait to go out of style

From memes to dance moves, 2018 is already responsible for a huge number of worldwide trends… but which are the ones that need to go out of style already? Reddit user Fireswar posed the question to the website, asking for people’s suggestions of trends that should

Modern MRI machines pose mercury poisoning risk for people with fillings

Modern MRI machines could end up poisoning people who have had a filling put in at the dentist, as new high-powered scanners can cause mercury to leak out of previously set fillings, a study has found. Research, published in the journal Radiology on Tuesday, found levels of the poisonous metal