there may be one predominant event that dictates the traits for a season 2016 – 1017 in the sphere of fabric, rugs and flooring and that is the Domotex exhibition in Hanover. This main occasion in the global of carpeting and rugs marketplace is becoming increasingly more famous and influential and now not in the closing area this is because of its eminent jury choice. This year the organizers invited proficient and renowned designers to judge the award distribution – like Stefan Diez head of the innovations at Domotex jury.
Or Piero Lissoni an Italian architect and dressmaker that is a special guest of Domotex jury meeting. each year the jury selects the maximum current and revolutionary answers in the rug and flooring tendencies. “the goods are once in a while now not absolutely finalized and mature as visual expression, however they still convey the price of accurate concept and thrilling improvements.”
Piero Lissoni is one among the largest Italian designers nowadayshe’s a innovative director for living Divani, Porro, Lema and Boffi and he’s a special visitor of Domotex exhibitions. In an interview for Stylepark, he speaks about his inclination towards handmade rugs. Which, carry us to the focus of this article – the hand-weaved and the tribal rugs. He stocks that as a collector of tribal rugs, for him they are an artwork piece, each with its special tale to tell, every with their artistic identity. they’re all made from valuable, herbal materials and each rug tells the tale of the own family that had created it: entwining cultural symbols, animals, flowers and activities foretold in coloration. He finds that from gadgets of artistic series the tribal rugs become an essential detail of the cutting-edge indoors design and the accentuated zoning of the premises. here is the wish that the in recent times rugs can have their one story to tell like their predecessors.
The fashion designer stocks that he constantly tries to integrate soft, rich surfaces in his projects: rugs crafted from wool or silk in addition to rugs made from rattan and coconut fibers. however he keeps his distance from carpets. For a base of the flooring, he prefers timber or cement – as a herbal fundament for a natural rug. “The innovations are the main engine that movements our world ahead.” Piero Lissoni says.
unique interest for the interior designers are the correlations and interactions among the floors base – wood, laminate or even concrete – with their textural insurance within the shape of rugs or carpets. The rugs and carpets are subject to an active, flexible dynamic with many capabilities and rapid adjustments because they’re a made of an adaptive industry that internalizes quickly the improvements and the modern-day trends.
The recycling and sustainability of the materials are something that quick turns into a norm within the industry and their revolutionary, and appealing usage inside the sphere of ground coverage is a pleasant rewarded each with the aid of the jury and with the aid of the clients. as an instance “Myrana” the new pleasant of the Vorwerk collection “Fascination” by using fashion designer Giulio Ridolfo is presenting a spectrum of 350 new colors.
In fashionable the carpets aren’t attractive for the indoors designers, their static functions in overlaying the room from wall to wall isn’t some thing appreciated by the dynamic and inventive searches of the designers. however still a few customers pick the carpet answer. So the utility and search of 1 appealing, state-of-the-art line of colors and patterns is favored by the jury. This season the pastel tonalities proven by Panton – Rose Quartz and Serenity are the hit.
that are the organizations and types that obtained special attention, mounted future developments and mesmerized each the jury and the general public? every of the offered corporations has its one specific signature and mind-set towards the marketplace. inside the luxury class and the class fine current design Deluxe, the presented rugs belong to Hossein Rezvani.
In his introduction, he makes use of silk colored within the very cutting-edge copper tonality to assessment with the natural color of the wool. while you lay eyes at the sample, you realized that it has its roots in the Persian lifestyle however expressed in a modern manner, imparting reflected reflection of the abstract form in exquisite 3-dimensional consequences.
Hossein Rezvani shares that he is calling forward to the instant when the politicians will raise the sanctions toward Iran so he can work once more with the rich resources that the usa offers – it’s, after all, the Mather-land of the Persian rugs. to date the designers succeed with the extraordinary undertaking to execute the unique present day design in a conventional manner, translating conventional patterns into the spirit of modern times without compromising the excessive requirements, the top notch best, and modern vision.
Crystallize – Ice from creative subjects is a wonderfully accomplished motif inspired by way of the iciness and the frosts – a Nature component with a robust concept that impresses with its high great and artistry of expression. the colors are moderate, softly merging into one another however nevertheless keeping the anxiety and dramatic sensation of the natural phenomenon. the foundation coming from the frost patterns that cowl the home windows inside the winter is poured into this mild coloration piece of art, concerning Tibetan wool, chinese language silk and the exceptional work of a hundred knots in step with square inch and the pile duration of four millimeters.
recently more and more rugs draw the attention as an artistic picture or treasured piece of artwork. This tendency is fine illustrated with the aid of the winner artwork assets, Emerald which offers us natural scenery composed in very elegant coloration palette – dramatic black, accentuating golden yellow and grey. A poetical landscape motif weaved with wool, silk and cotton, this mystical wooded area offers and aesthetic journey into its infinite trees that is handed the home decor and is greater an inventive revelation stimulated by nature than entirely an item of the layout.
And again two rugs inspired by way of iciness and regarding painting strategies, stunning hues and smooth textures. The panorama collection with the aid of Wool and Silk gives us a gentle memories of iciness have been you can actually determine a snow fox padding thru the reed-like vegetation. A story knotted in Nepal from hand-spun wool and silk.