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Plants are trending. Succulents crowd social media feeds and greenery dominates open-plan offices. The obsession with flora extends to America’s restaurant designers, who display plants not just in pots, but on the walls too.

The designers behind some the country’s most beautiful restaurants are using botanical wallpaper to transform their dining rooms. At these restaurants, bright tropical greenery, soft blooms, and, yes, succulents give wallpaper a good name. According to designers, plant-covered walls can make a bold statement, as in Hello Sailor’s cactus-filled entryway, or create transportive oases, as with ’50s-themed Leo’s Clam Bar or Frenchie’s floral atrium.

Here are six restaurants across the country making good on the botanical wallpaper trend — and what to buy to bring the look home.

Bellecour, Wayzata, Minnesota

The “garden room” with floral wallpaper at Bellecour
The “garden room” at Bellecour
 Eliesa Johnson/Bellecour

The focal point of one of the dining rooms at Bellecour, Gavin Kaysen’s Wayzata, Minnesota, restaurant, is a watercolor mural of brightly colored flowers, climbing vines, and birds. But it’s not as difficult to come by as the seemingly hand-painted design might suggest — it’s actually wallpaper that anyone can buy at Anthropologie.

Linda Kaysen, who led the design at the French-inspired restaurant and is also married to its chef, refers to the room as the “garden room” and says the wallpaper provided the perfect accent. “Our intention was to make the room feel like an extension to the patio,” she explains. “We love the whimsical feel of the wall panel and wanted to bring a sense of fun into the space.”