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MRND Lamps by Elena Salmistraro

Elena Salmistraro and her design line “MRND” lamps for Seletti are a tribute to the master Giorgio Morandi: lamps are made of glass, porcelain, wood, and cork. “MRND” lamps are a tribute to the master Giorgio Morandi, a current reinterpretation of his work declined

Ensemble Lamp by Elena Salmistraro

Product designer and artist Elena Salmistraro lives and works in Milan. She has worked as a product designer and illustrator for various companies in the creative industry, such as Texturae – new designer wallpaper brand, for which she designs wallpaper. And design line “MRND”

How to grow succulents indoors and out

The best way to think of succulents is as ‘fat plants’. Parts of them, usually their leaves, swell up with water and this stops them from drying out in arid conditions. Cacti are the most obvious examples but sedums and sempervivums are also common.

Dyson Pure Cool Link review – hands on with Dyson’s connected air purifier

When you think about the concerns around air quality, many people immediately think of Asia and, to an extent, that’s with good reason. One quick glance at the real-time air quality visual index map and there’s a worrying amount of red labels across the

Belkin F9K1122

THE GOOD Small Good price Single LAN port Good range THE BAD Unreliable in 2.4-GHz mode Can’t remove antennas No USB or audio ports 6/10 WORTH CONSIDERING $59.92 Amazon Size matters, and if you want a minimalist range extender, you’ll like that the $66

D-Link DAP 1520: Runner-Up

If you’re looking for a small range extender and you don’t need ports for connecting hard drives, printers or a stereo, D-Link’s DAP 1520 is for you. At 3.6 x 2.2 x 1.3 inches, the white extender is tiny and doesn’t hog adjacent outlets,

Linksys RE6500: Best Wi-Fi Extender Overall

With its $83 RE6500 range extender, Linksys has managed to squeeze the power of the best-performing extender into a package small enough to unobtrusively hide on a shelf, bookcase or even a windowsill. At 6 x 4.2 x 1 inches, the black-and-gray device is

8 mistakes you’re making when cleaning your gadgets

Your tech products are probably some of your most-frequently-used items. After all, how often do you not have your smart phone, tablet, or computer on you? But cleaning these devices isn’t as cut and dry as, say, your countertops — so make sure you

Best Bed

  Forget fitness trackers doubling as sleep monitors — you want your entire bed to track your sleep. The Sleep Number c2 Bed with Sleep IQ monitors how you sleep all through the night by tracking breathing, heart rate and movement. With that data,

Best Smart Home Controlling System

The NuBryte console lets you make your home smarter on your own terms. This touch-screen panel replaces your wall switch, and, using a small built-in camera, will automatically turn the lights on when you enter a room. It can also be used as a